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What Is My Path:
Traveling Alone or In Company?

By Alexandra & Dan

Channeling Archives, 2012-2015:
March Equinox: Ready For A New Reality?
Changing Your Life: Go Beyond Limitations
What Is the Higher Purpose of My Life?
June Solstice: Got Bumpy Lately?
Are You Stuck in an Imperfect World?
March Equinox: Storm Passed Over, Calm Returns
The Energies of 2014
Being Decisive and Courageous
June Solstice 2013: Good or Bad News?
Power and Responsibility
Living with Integrity.
Should Marriage Be A Sacrifice?
March Equinox 2012: Imbalance and Revolution.
Why Am I Feeling So Alone?
Do You Hide Your Light From Others?

Channeling Archives, 2010-2011:
December Solstice 2011: Action, Love & Reason.
Are You Feeling Blocked or Stuck?
How Do You Teach Higher Truths?
September Equinox: The Symphony of the Soul.
Soul Mates or Cellmates?
What Is It That Fulfills You Now?
June Solstice 2011: Conflict to Harmony.
When Does Healing Hurt the Healer?
Meeting Your Needs or Their Needs?
March Equinox 2011: Apocalypse or Epiphany?
About the Freedom to Be Me.
To Heal, or Not To Heal?
Crossroad Energy: December Solstice Message.
Why Do My Feelings Change So Much?
How Can I Express More Self-Confidence?
Challenges of Being a Gay Man.
Saint-Germain Radio Interview.
The Journey Back to Intimacy.
About Ending an Intimate Relationship.
Help Wanted: A Steady Job with Soul Purpose.
Your Soul's Purpose, Your Human Needs.
You Are the Perfect Companion.
Spiritual Vanity: What It Is, What It Does.
Are You Worried About the Future?
About Walking the Spiritual Path.
Action Birthed in Stillness.
About Denying the Shadow Self.
About Infinite Intelligence.

Channeling Archives, 2008-2009:
Am I Truly Beautiful?
December Solstice & New Year's Message.
About Soul Mate Relationships.
What Is My Illness Telling Me?
Soulmate or Stalemate?
No, You're Not Crazy.
Your Shining, Priceless Worth (Video).
The Myth of Tragic Relationships.
Greetings from Saint-Germain (Video).
A Strong and Noble Heart.
The Illusion of Spiritual Attainment (Video).
The Illusion of Spiritual Attainment.
Greeting the New World.
Astrological Signatures for the Global Crisis.
Your Spiritual Sovereignty.
God, the Ego, and Soul Purpose.
Sub-personalities: Who Is "Not Good Enough"?
The Truth About You.
Matters of the Heart.
Conscious Creation: Essence into Substance.
Prosperity in the New World.
Supporting Your Soul’s Choices.
Master Creators in the Making.
What Are New Relationships?
Shame, Blame, and Money.
Birthing the New You.
Choosing Life or Death.
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