"What Are New Relationships?" - A Saint-Germain Channeling

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"What Are New Relationships?"
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

Dear Friends, I AM Saint-Germain. You may imagine yourself to be many things, but a Child of God is what you are. You are an immortal Soul acting in a physical body on behalf of the God that birthed you.

As you become aware of this unique relationship that you have with God, you will feel motivated to live as your Soul does – in close communion with God and in harmony with those around you.

As you grow into this consciousness, you may feel that relationships are challenging you to stay loving toward others.

If you are feeling challenged by this, just remember that as you love and embrace people in a way that is appropriate for you – without demanding that they change – then you free yourself from the difficulties they face while offering them the best possibility to find their own resolution, instead.

Remember that this resolution will always be found in self-love and acceptance, rather than in your approval or disapproval of them.

Learn to accept people as they are, rather than trying to change them to suit you better. Release them to the loving guidance of their Souls, instead. When you do this, you allow them to discover the healing power of their self-love, rather than entangling yourself in unnecessary criticism and conflict.

Rules of Engagement in Relationships

When you decide to live as your Soul does, some people may see you differently and fear the changes they observe from lack of understanding. This may provoke conflict and resistance in them. If this happens, don’t be alarmed. You are undergoing an important shift in how you perceive yourself, so why wouldn’t this alter the way you are perceived and treated by others, as well?

Rather than fall prey to self-doubt when this happens, realize that you are still in contact with the old world, and that relationships in the old world operate by “rules of engagement.” The use of this term here is not casual.

Rules of engagement are used by your police and military bodies to determine how, when, and under what circumstances force or persuasion should be used to disable a conflict. They do not ask why harm should ever be directed toward another human. They only assume that hurting another may be necessary to bring a conflict or disagreement to resolution.

New Relationships don’t work this way. And this is why you may experience difficulty functioning in old relationships now.

The Nature of Old Relationships

Old relationships are based upon neediness and lack. The things you perceive you lack in yourself, you seek in another and vice versa. You form relationships based on mutual exploitation in order to feel better about yourself, simply because you have forgotten Who You Really Are – A Child of God, and God also. You call this love, but it is not.

When the conditions of these alliances break down, you blame each other for it, arguments begin, and before you know it, you are engaged in conflict. And what is the first rule of engagement during any conflict? The right to attack another in order to defend yourself.

These are the beliefs that govern old relationships. And this is what you have chosen to leave behind.

You might wonder if old relationships have served you at all. The basic answer is yes, they have. Old relationships have provided you with ample opportunities to remember Who You Are.

By experiencing conflict and dependency in your relationships, you have come to remember what is essential about you – that you need nothing from anyone else because You Are Everything.

You are a perfect and sovereign reflection of God’s Love for all life. Grounding yourself in this knowledge is the basis for forming New Relationships.

The Meaning of New Relationships

If old relationships were about remembering your Divinity, then New Relationships will be about sharing your Divinity. How does the one make the other possible?

First of all, when you remember that You Are God also, you no longer fear losing yourself in a relationship by giving too much, for it is impossible to lose What You Really Are. Nor do you fear that a partner may deny you something you really need, because you understand that you are complete, just As You Are.

This realization is the key. When you recognize that nothing can be taken or denied you because You Are Everything, then you will share Everything You Are without hesitation. You will give and receive God’s Love from each other freely and without fear.

What You Are, Is What You Share

Giving and receiving love is quite natural. There is no risk involved, despite what you have been lead to believe. This is so, because you are a living embodiment of God’s Love, and you can never lose What You Are by sharing it with others. It is absolutely impossible to be less than What You Are.

The only possible outcome of sharing your love with another is to expand your experience of Being Love together. Just as waves merge and grow in a shoreward encounter, so your experience of Being God’s Love expands as you share your love with each other. This is what happens when two or more of you come together in remembrance of your Divinity.

By sharing your love with others, your experience of Being Love grows.

Inviting New Relationships Into Your Life

When you decide to live as your Soul does, taking up life as the New You, you may feel drawn toward others who have made this commitment, too.

The most important thing you can do to invite New Relationships into your life is to remember Who You Are. Remember your Divinity. Do this on a daily basis, and you will attract relationships of high quality and beautiful resonance into your life.

It is not about whether you will find them or not. It’s about trusting yourself enough to know that you deserve them. When you are able to do this consistently, you will see how others are drawn to you by the love and trust that radiates from you.

Do this without expectations, and then watch your life. See who comes and goes, and be prepared for miracles and surprises. Know that you can experience all the joy and satisfaction that relationships provide, simply by being the Love That You Are.

I AM, Saint-Germain.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks to channels and to St. Germain for this material. The content is very applicable to currently waning and hurtful relationships within my current incarnate experience. Seeking direction whilst feeling what was channeled here already within, but not putting it to at the mind level, this has been a very valuable help for me.

Thank you, I bid you well in the love and light of our One Creator.


Dan and Alexandra said...

Hi Peregrinus,

And thanks for stopping by here. We're happy to know that you enjoyed this message. We wish you to move smoothly through the process of healing the past pain and hurt, and find peace in your heart.

Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan

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