“Should Marriage Be a Sacrifice?” Saint-Germain Channeling

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“Should Marriage Be a Sacrifice?”
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

"Dear Saint-Germain, I would like to understand my Soul’s purpose in this lifetime, and whether I can fulfill it by staying in my current marriage. I want to know if this relationship has been nothing but a huge sacrifice for me, and whether it is preventing me from realizing my full potential.

I tend to rely on the opinion of others, so it’s difficult for me to come to an independent conclusion about this matter. But the fact is that I’ve stopped 'giving my all' to this relationship, and I am holding back. I love my husband, but I’m feeling hopelessly dependent and unable to transform this situation for the better. I want to be free. Can you help me?" (Part of Soul purpose reading.)

My friend, I AM Saint-Germain...

Your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime is to to create and commit to interdependent relationships, instead of falling into dependent ones and then needing to break free. This means that challenges will come up in defining your personal boundaries, establishing your responsibilities toward yourself and your partner, and learning to express yourself with care and honesty, but without repressing your feelings.

In addition, your Soul is committed to developing and using your talents and creativity to the fullest. You’re awakening your desire to make a concrete contribution to the world, rather than merely dreaming about it or playing with possibilities. As you move forward with this, you’ll want to encourage your growing sense of individuality and give expression to your wonderful ideas and inspiration. Just remember that as you do this, you’re doing it in support of All That Is – and not just for yourself. This is the essence of interdependence.

Aligning with Your Soul’s Purpose.

In your specific case, when you’re feeling aligned with your Soul’s purpose, you will not confuse your desire for freedom with a need to escape from difficult circumstances. You’ll discover that self-limiting beliefs and doubts no longer hold you back, and that you feel encouraged to express yourself more and more. You will enjoy relating to others – including your husband – in an emotionally honest way, and you’ll see that your enjoyment of freedom is complemented by your willingness to commit to yourself first, and then to the people that matter most to you. You’ll find your greatest freedom in the depth of commitment that you make to yourself and to those whom you love.

When you’re feeling out of alignment with your Soul’s purpose, then you may discover feelings of alienation, dependency or insecurity hidden within you. For example, you may find yourself doubting or criticizing yourself and your abilities, or else doubting and criticizing others in your life, including your husband. When you feel this way, it could create tendencies for you to get angry and withdraw yourself emotionally from your important relationships in order to regain your sense of freedom. However, on the other hand it may cause you to try harder to please others by overcooperating, so that you can get the validation that you need. If you’re not clear with yourself about what’s happening, then you’ll swing back and forth between these two extremes, without ever finding any lasting peace.

Nurture Yourself, Then Let Yourself BE.

What you’re encouraged to do now is to let go of these negative tendencies and to trust your inner guidance to bring this situation to resolution. The problem you are facing in your marriage is this: Your anxiety about who will take care of you is driving you from needless sacrifice and overcooperation, to feeling resentful about being exploited and then seeking independence rebelliously. Rather than swinging back and forth like this, why not take a different approach? Why not look at what nurtures you, instead?

What do I mean by this?

Well, my friend, when you feel nurtured within – that is, when you love and accept yourself fully – then you will feel safe and secure at your deepest core. This will allow your anxiety about relationships to be soothed and comforted. And as a consequence of this blessing, you’ll be less likely to fall into dependency upon others, followed by angry or resentful rebellion.

It’s very important that you experience the caring, sensitive, nurturing side of yourself now. This is the part of you that feels things deeply, yet is having difficulty expressing it. It’s important that you allow this because it holds the key to your well-being. Yes, nurturing yourself now is going to help you in more ways than you might imagine: It will help you heal the wounds of the past; it will allow you to be more self-reliant in the present; and it will gradually replace your fear of the future with a deeper trust in the Child of God that your really ARE.

About Interdependent Love.

When it comes to your relationship with your husband, it's going to be important for you to acknowledge what you appreciate about it. You see, part of your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime is to learn to appreciate a different kind of love. It’s to learn that the peace and lasting comfort of interdependent love – a love that is freely shared between partners – is preferable to the passion and drama of clashing wills or the intensity of impulsive desires in a relationship.

It’s important for you to find ways to calm down, release tension, and allow all forms of beauty and harmony into your relationship. As you grow into a more balanced capacity for interdependence, rather than swinging back and forth between sacrifice and rebellion, you'll discover the joy that deeper commitment can bring into your life.

What you need to understand now, is that you will create the freedom you desire from within first – through a deeper commitment to self-nurturing. This inner foundation will give you the freedom to BE and express All That You Are, even in the most intimate settings. And this is what interdependence is all about.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Who ever asked that question, I want to be her friend. That is me to a tee also. Would be nice to have like minded people around me...

wolf7491 said...

Thank you Saint Germain! These insights and clarification also assists me as a husband asking a somewhat similar question.

Thank you very much for posting this reply!

Much Light and Love!

Dan and Alexandra said...

Hello friends,
Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and feedback about this channeling. We've received messages also in private, sharing with us the same message: "I'm in the same situation."

We're really glad that you've found resonance with it, and we do hope that it will assist you, like you mentioned Wolf7491 in your own life situation.

We're happy to hear from you any time.
Much love,
Alexandra and Dan

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