“What Is It That Fulfills You Now?” A Saint-Germain Channeling

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“What Is It That Fulfills You Now?”
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

“Dear Saint-Germain. My question is about life purpose and direction. Why am I here, and where am I heading? This is what I need to know. Although it seems to be about making money, I realize there’s something else. It’s really about my creativity. I would love to be a writer. Is there something I can do with this? Do you have any insights?”

I AM Saint-Germain, and I am here with you today to share a perspective on your life. Yes, you are opening to greater awareness about who you want to be, and what you can contribute to the world. But what is it that fulfills you now? What brings you greater contentment?

You sit and contemplate this, I know. Your sensitive mind dwells upon these questions and tries to determine what you can do with your life. Yet, self-doubt is taking a toll upon your heartfelt desire to act.

It's stopping you now, when it's really time to move on and do something. This stalemate is confusing you. It’s causing you to doubt the path that you’re on, and to question the guidance that comes from your feelings. Your mind is asking you, “How do you know if your heart is right? What proof do you have that it will serve you better than me?"

Well, the human mind will never be satisfied with the heart's intuition, because the human mind was born from doubt. It was born when you first began to explore your creative freedom as Children of God, long before men and women walked this planet. It was born in a moment of fear, when you forgot the joy of creating and fell into doubt, instead.

Trust Your Intuition, Trust Your Creativity.

You can be certain that when you're connected to your heart and listening to your intuition, you will be on the right path.

Listening to your intuition is a non-rational kind of heart-knowing, and for this reason, it can feel very expanded and uplifting. But being able to trust your intuition, doesn’t mean that your mind has no purpose or that it will mislead you. Far from it. Your mind is a useful complement to your heart because it helps you navigate the realities of this physical dimension. You wouldn’t last long here without it, so be grateful that you have one.

In this sense, I would like to remind you that you are a very grounded thinker and you should be glad for it. You have a very common sense that is good at organizing thoughts and things. You're very methodical and very good at managing your resources. These are great skills, and you are encouraged to share these with the world in ways that are uniquely yours.

You're here to blend your intuition with your ideas, and then bring something of value into the world. You're here to share your gifts with others through the intuitive flow of your writing and the critical understanding of your perceptive mind. You have the ability to enlighten and to explain, which is a blending of the heart and mind that is most needed in service to the world now.

Allow Yourself to Be Surprised.

Remember to trust your creative potential. Allow yourself to become a conduit of intention and invention that can change the world. You have these gifts. But you need to trust yourself now and begin to apply them.

Remember to trust your spontaneity, and open yourself to the ideas and ideals that have reached you from within. It's time to do something creative with them. Let go of your worry, and trust instead. It’s time to acknowledge that creating is something that you have done since before time began. It's your birthright and function as a Child of God.

Live and enjoy the passion that rises within you, and then move ahead with it. Do this, even when the spontaneity feels too unpredictable for you. Remember that this is creative, life force energy that flows through you – and it is asking you to give it substance, form and meaning. You can honor it, and yourself, by responding appropriately.

Allow yourself to be surprised, too. Learn to feel comfortable in places of new beginning – in places that have yet to be explored, until you dare to set foot there. This is the pioneer’s spirit and it is yours, too. You are the pioneer who is guided by ideals and principles, and who has the courage to break new ground. But you are also the pioneer who has a practical understanding of things, and who can apply these to build a better life.

How You Are Resonating with Your Creativity.

There is much in your energetic field that resonates with creative writing and communicating, and your Soul is encouraging you to explore this further, if you feel inspired to do so. You were born under planetary and cosmic influences coming from the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, as well as strong influences from the 3rd and 9th mundane houses. All of these will support you in writing, communicating and disseminating your thoughts and ideals out in the world.

It’s important for you to indulge your curiosities about becoming a writer now. These ARE the promptings of your Soul. When you do this, you will discover that in small ways and large, you can express your truths skillfully and awaken others to their own truths, too.

This is the message that I have for you today. I encourage you to stay on your path of sensitive expression. Move toward anything that feels empowering, expansive and soulful to you right now, whether this be writing or something else. Trust that the path is open, the way is clear, and that your feet are guided along the way – and it will be so.

Your angels, helpers, and spirit friends are always at your side. Thank you, dear friend.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.

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