"Energy Imbalance, Fanaticism & Revolutionary Change." -- Saint-Germain’s, March Equinox Message for 2012.

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"Energy Imbalance, Fanaticism & Revolutionary Change"
Saint-Germain’s, March Equinox Message for 2012.
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is about the Higher Purpose of the planet.
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Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain. We gather together today to feel the energies of the March Equinox, 2012, as they enter the planet. Astronomically, this is a time of temporary equilibrium, when night and day are equal in length. It also marks the beginning of a 6-month period when the Sun’s energy reaching your northern hemisphere surpasses that reaching your southern hemisphere. This is all very interesting. But astrologically and esoterically, there is something much more important going on.

At this particular time, the planet is receiving energies of rebirth and recalibration – and many of you will feel this with great intensity. Don’t be surprised if you feel inspired and exhilarated, as well as disrupted and disturbed, by your experiences. This is the nature of the energies that you are encountering now. Keep a perspective and remember that all IS well.

Astrologically and esoterically, there are important potentials opening before you. But you are also resolving challenges that have been holding you back for some time. This is true at the individual, as well as the collective level.

More specifically, with this particular March Equinox you will be initiating a sequence of “energetic endings” that will accompany your new beginnings. While this may sound circular, it is not. Instead, think of the analogy of gardening. Right now, you are in the final stages of preparing your garden for planting. It’s almost ready, but you have yet to sow the seeds in the ground. The soil conditions and weather are not quite favorable, yet.

Please understand that by endings and beginnings, I am not referring to the apocalypse or epiphany that many of you expect to occur at the end of 2012. This speculation is fueled more by your hopes and fears, than by anything real. If you allow yourself to be distracted by it, then you will be unable to focus upon the real life situations that are of immediate significance to you.

Focusing on your life is why you are here. Much of your spiritual lessons on Earth have to do with mastering your material reality. Don’t discount this. Your physical life may not always seem like a spiritual adventure to you, but this doesn’t lessen its importance from your Soul’s perspective.

Unbalanced Energies and Religious Fanaticism.

During this year, you can expect a series of challenges and a workable solution to the problem of state-sponsored, religious fanaticism that has brought much aggression, violence, repression and revolutionary change to the world. There will be noticeable activity around this, and it will continue building as you move toward the end of the year. But rather than a return to the chaos and turmoil that has occurred recently, this is the predictable flurry of activity that accompanies the last-minute attempts by those in power to hang on to their passing influence. These events will foreshadow a better tomorrow, if you will look at them closely.

The potentials can be read if you will examine the phase relationships of the Sun and Moon, and the movements of Uranus, Mars, Neptune and Pluto – now and during the coming solstice and equinox alignments this year. Interpret these in the context of the remaining passage of the Moon’s nodal axes through Sagittarius and Gemini and the story is revealed. Lastly, pay particular attention to the Draconic positions of Mars and Chiron at the anaretic 29th degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini at the March Equinox. (Remember, Draconic positions are derived from a reorientation of the planets with respect to the equinox points. They are not the same as the positions of the planets in the sky right now.)

Why are Draconic positions and anaretic degrees so important during this March equinox? Draconic positions show Soul-level intentions, while anaretic placements show important karmic lessons that must be brought to completion in order to move on.

In the case of Mars and Chiron, the message is clear. The religious fanaticism and intolerance that is characterized by Draconic Mars in Sagittarius is still injuring the freedom of speech, thought and expression that Draconic Chiron in Gemini demands in afflicted parts of the world. This lesson must be mastered, if humanity is to progress along the path of Universal Love. Look for dramatic endings and new beginnings in this area before the close of the year, especially as the nodal axes of the Moon leave Sagittarius and enter the domain of Scorpio.

What Can You Do Personally?

Now is the time and place for rebirthing and recalibrating the energies in your life. This is good news, indeed. Yes, you are encountering new potentials for love and joy to enter your life. But you must finish preparing the way, first. You have done much, but there is still much residual fear to overcome.

Assertive and aggressive energies have been so present recently, that many of you have forgotten about a softer kind of receptivity in your lives. This is important because once you begin to soften and open up again, you will activate and recalibrate the feminine energies within you. These are life-affirming energies that respond to your nurturing and care. And as they respond, they produce fruitful outcomes. They bring peace, harmony, contentment and prosperity back into your lives. These archetypically feminine energies have been blocked for some time now. They have been overpowered by an excess of archetypically masculine energies that have been asserting themselves in the best way they know how. But now is the time to restore the balance.

Remember that all of you carry the male and female archetypes of energy and consciousness within you. These are not exclusive traits confined to either gender. What you need to do now, is to rebirth and recalibrate your own appropriate balance. This is the key to your sanity, contentment, and prosperity in these difficult times.

It's necessary to find a way to express both of these energetic sides of you. But remember to especially bring the feminine archetypes into the forefront now. These are the fertile, nurturing aspects of your receptivity and your creativity that are needed in the world right now.

Dealing with Stress and Energetic Imbalances.

Have you ever noticed how quickly you can be drawn into unfavorable situations, when you are feeling stressed? This happens because the masculine and feminine currents within you – the complementary components of your awareness that know how to “act or allow” in response to your life’s situations – become unbalanced.

When the masculine and feminine energies within you become unbalanced, you are more easily drawn into situations in which you feel confused about your need to act with self-assertion on the one hand, versus your need to be receptive and supportive of others on the other hand.

In the current global environment there is much to feel stressed about, of course. And as a consequence, the archetypically masculine energies within you have been responding in the only way that they know how – with an unbalanced need to act. And the feminine energies within you have been responding in the only way that they know – with an unbalanced need to allow. Without the necessary balance and integration there, many of you may feel that you are running on frantic, unchecked energy one day, only to find yourself drifting aimlessly like a rudderless ship on another day.

But at the time of the March equinox, you have an important opportunity to recalibrate the masculine and feminine energies within you, and in the world at large, too. This is the key to restoring the harmony, prosperity and contentment that I spoke about earlier.

You're invited now to become more aware of the way you are choosing to act or allow – as individuals, family members, nations and societies – and to consider how you might restore an appropriate balance of acting and allowing in your lives. Now is the time to prepare the way for the changes that are coming.

Creating Greater Balance in Your Life.

Remember that you can create greater balance in your lives by bringing more of the feminine energies into your interactions now. These are the non-aggressive impulses toward loving kindness and compassion that all of you have experienced at some time in your lives. Let yourselves be enveloped by these magical energies now and feel their restorative power. Then if you still believe that you must act assertively in order to deal with the things that stress you – please allow your actions to be motivated by love and compassion. Allow your actions to be governed by loving intentions toward yourself and toward others, and then see how quickly your world changes.

I am delighted to herald this opening in your energies now, and to invite you to explore these opportunities. You are deeply loved, my friends.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.

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Pamela M said...

Thank you so much for your wise words.I smiled when I got this email as the timing is so apropos. I was just writing to a friend and stating how I felt that my inner female has been crouching in a ball for so long and not even wanting to stand up and as of the last month I feel her wobbling and her knees are sore but standing she is. We all deeply need to be in touch with our in female divine aspects now. Hallelujah mama!
In Loving Kindness

Dan and Alexandra said...

Hi dear Pamela,
It's so wonderful to hear from you and to hear how you are living your connection to your divine feminine energies. Thank you for sharing your words with us. Hugs and love,
Alex and Dan

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