"Are You Stuck in an Imperfect World?" - Saint-Germain Channeling

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Are You Stuck in an Imperfect World?
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

Dear Saint-Germain, I would like to know how to remain in a joyful state, even though I feel that I am stuck in a sadly imperfect world. Although I have moments when I feel happy, I fall back into a rut again. I especially feel trapped with my job and other obligations. It seems that I must endure them in order to survive, and for no other reason. I feel like I'm running as fast as I can, but getting nowhere. How can I deal with this? Can you help me please?

Dear friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

You ask how you can remain joyful, yet still live in a seemingly imperfect world. I will address this in a moment, but first I would like to share something with you about your talents and gifts – something about your Soul's purpose for you in this lifetime.

You have a gift for uplifting people when you're with them. You're able to shine and be yourself, making those around you feel good. They feel glad to see you and to socialize with you because you have a magnetism that attracts them. You're able to connect at an emotional level with others, which makes them feel comfortable. Yes, you have these gifts – and because of them, people love to be around you.

It's important that you spend some time in silence and learn to appreciate these gifts and how they will allow you to connect with others and share yourself with the world. You are encouraged to explore the way that your energetic gifts are helping you relate to others, and how this empowers you and makes joyful living possible.

Appreciating Your Gifts and Talents

But returning now to your original question about how to live joyfully in an imperfect world – the important thing for you to remember now is that you are here in this lifetime to deal with, among other things, your insistence on doing things your own way. Doing things your own way after timely and proper consideration, and with a healthy acknowledgment of your Soul's guidance and intuition, is well and good. But stubborn inflexibility in getting your own way is merely your ego talking. This is not wisdom. It is foolishness that will hurt you. This is a major life lesson.

You are also here in this lifetime to learn how to take care of the details and to be thorough in all that you do. Paying attention to the details helps you establish structures that will make you feel fulfilled and completed. It's important that you develop, and learn to manage your skills at taking care of the details, because this helps you to be productive and remarkable at what you do, and helps you to achieve the progress that you aim for in your life.

But for you to learn about taking better care of the details, you will have to take some time to understand the gifts that I mentioned you have. The things that you do with ease. I recommend that you spend some time by yourself, thinking about your gifts, and how they attract people to you. Reflect on what happens when people are around you, and how they respond to you. What is attracting them to you? What makes them feel good around you?

There is a part of you that knows what you do, and how to do it. When your heart is open, that brings people to you, but it also brings people together. You may believe that this is a common gift that anyone possesses, yet it is uniquely your gift. And in fact, if you want to find out what it is that you can do in the world to be yourself, you only need to look at those skills that feel easy for you to do, and that you consider to be completely normal to share with others.

You will probably be surprised to find out that these skills are exactly those that make you unique, and that in fact not everyone is able to do the same things that you do. These are the gifts that you can share with other people, and they can serve a larger purpose, as you align yourself to serve your Soul's purpose.

Sometimes the things that you don't even see, because they feel so natural to you, are the gifts that you've been searching for a long time. You're not able to see them because you expect to find something more glamorous. But it is not about the glamor, or about what you think that your gift should be. It is more important that you find that one thing that you are able to do and that comes easy to you. See how this attracts other people into your life.

How Does Feeling Ashamed Block Your Joy?

Part of aligning yourself with your Soul's purpose means for you to assume full responsibility for these gifts. Right now. You can't wait for something to drop out of the sky, as a proposition that someone makes to you. When you take full responsibility for your skills, and agree to follow the voice of your Soul, a new process begins in your life. Through this process you will discover and build your dream and vision for your life.

In this journey of building your new life, you will have to overcome some beliefs that you hold about yourself. One of them is the belief that what others have to say is more important than what you know. This belief comes from a lack of trust in yourself, and it causes you to hold on stubbornly and sometimes unreasonably to having things your way, even when this doesn't make good sense. You are touching old wounds at this time – trying to protect yourself from feeling ashamed, humiliated or inadequate again, rather than looking objectively at what might be the correct thing to do, regardless of who is proposing it. This stubbornness keeps you from being able to explore your true thoughts, feelings, and knowledge. The end result is that you alienate yourself from others and lose sight of your dreams and vision of the world.

This is why you have to face the beliefs that you hold about yourself, and see through them with clarity. When you do that, you will be able to explore your gifts, and what you have available in your life, and finally listen and communicate with your Soul without having the filters of doubt and mistrust. And you will be able to hear the voice that has been speaking to you all this time.

Joy Is Resonating with Your Essence.

If you feel at times that you are impatient or rebellious, and that you can't settle into your experience, you will need to go within and let go of the worry about what others think, or say about you. Your only care should be about what moves you deeply from within. When you explore what happens at the core of you, you will feel empowered, in control, and that you are creating stability in your life.

This is truly important to understand and reflect upon, as it will bring greater understanding and insight about what you are doing in your life, and how you are achieving the goals that you set for yourself. But this has to happen from a place of being comfortable in your own skin; being confident about your abilities; trusting the things that feel very close and personal to you, while at the same time feeling empowered to express joy and gladness around other people.

Not everybody has such a gift as yours. Your ease of being comfortable around people and socializing is not something that everybody has, and you are master in that way. So please acknowledge this mastery, and be willing to approach and explore a way that you can use this great gift that is given to you to serve and be of help to others.

Right now, you don't have to give up everything that you are doing, nor do you need to change everything about your job and work life. It's more important that you find the core – the essence of what you've been doing already for many years in your life. Let this understanding shine through, and let yourself be connected to this essence. Then the ways to bring this forth will appear, and the rest that is not resonant with this core energy of yours will fade away. So remember to bring yourself into the center of your own joy, and of your own connection with what you love.

Try it; experience it; let yourself be completely immersed in it, and then see where it takes you without having to plan everything. Make this a journey of exploration and adventure, and let go of that haunting feeling that you have missed out on something important.

When you are able explore your inner world in such depth that it allows you to experience the freedom and trust to reveal your dreams and visions, then you will feel an immense joy that brings everything to the surface, just like a baby is pushed out of the womb when it's time to be here, and it's time to fully express its life in the world.

Trust that you are guided in your process, and please call for help when you feel that you need to move forward. Even if you feel stuck at times, let that be the experience that it is, and move on from there, finding ways to connect with your joy, your inspiration, and a desire to be yourself.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. This message resonates with me so deeply, you could have been reading for me!!!

Dan and Alex said...

We're happy to hear that this message speaks so directly to you dear friend. Thank you for sharing this with us, we appreciate it very much.
Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan

Vera said...

Thank-you for this post Alexandra and St. Germain. I'm reminded how wonderful my own reading was and to revisit it once again. :)

Dan and Alex said...

You're welcome dear Vera.

We really enjoyed preparing this reading for you, and we've heard from many people how much it has helped them to read this message, as if it was speaking directly to them.

It's always a joy to connect with you.
Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan

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