Ask Saint-Germain, "About Ending an Intimate Relationship and Compassion."

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This channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

Question: "Dear Saint-Germain, I am frightened and anxious because I am ending an intimate, love relationship. Could I receive guidance? Thank you."

Saint-Germain: Yes, it is quite common in the human experience to feel anxious any time a major ending takes place in a love relationship. The feelings that you are having at this time are perfectly alright. This is an important release that is happening in your life, and you should honor it.

You, and many others like you, are faced with your deepest fears whenever relationships built upon love come to an end. Although they have served their purpose, there is a hidden fear that the end of a once-loving relationship signals the failure of Love itself.

Of course, this is untrue. It is pure ego-talk, and nothing more.

The way you will know this is by the language of fear that is spoken. The ego always responds to love with fear. And this is what you are feeling now. Fear and apprehension.

The Truth is that all relationships serve the purposes of Love, although this is not always recognized. It can be no other way, for Love is All There Is.

When it is time for you to grow in your appreciation of Love, you will quite naturally release those relationships that no longer serve your capacity to experience it. But this does not mean that love has failed you, or that you have failed to love fully. It simply means that you are growing and evolving in your capacity to experience love.

Allow this to be so by releasing your relationship with love, honor, gratitude, and respect, and then waiting patiently for the next, higher form of Love to come into your life... whether that be expressed as greater time and opportunity to love yourself, or else a new opportunity to love another person, and receive love from that individual, too.

And this is the time when you can look at them, but not get absorbed in these fears. Looking at the fears, while not falling into believing that they are true, will allow you to make adjustments and corrections in the way you perceive a relationship, and what it can bring to you.

I encourage you to move through your fears with trust, rather than running away from them. In this way, you might see the wonderful capacity for love that you do have, and that your fears are hiding from you. I also encourage you to resist the temptation to fall into drama about this situation because it does not serve you.

Remember that endings and beginnings are inseparable in cosmic and human cycles. When you willingly release something that no longer serves your higher good, you will create the potential to fill yourself with something even better. This is a spiritual law.

Find ways to deal with your distress, so that you don't fall into thinking or feeling that you, or your partner have done something wrong. Avoid the path of blaming. It does not serve you.

Instead, try to find moments of silence to appreciate yourself, and to acknowledge that you are wholly loved, perfect, and complete, Just As You Are. Nothing has changed, nor will it change, at the Core of your Divine Being.

I AM Saint-Germain, and you are deeply loved.

Here's another question that we received from a client recently:

Question: "Dear Saint-Germain. Will you please talk about having compassion for oneself? I need that so much."

Saint-Germain: My dear, this is indeed such an important part of the human experience. Compassion is really such a basic lesson, that all of you must learn it when you are here on Earth. No one is exempted. Not even the Masters.

As you might remember from the webcast today, compassion helps you replace your fears with what you deeply love about yourself. So why not start here? I know that this is something that you have been requesting for a while now. So I invite you to step into your heart-space, and to spend a moment there in silence.

In your heart-space, you can look at any fears that may come up. Observe them, yet don't identify yourself with them. Stay focused on the love that flows from, and within the heart; and then feel what happens to you, when you don't place any judgment on yourself for any life situation that you are currently in, or have experienced previously. Just watch these events through the compassionate eyes of your heart, and allow yourself to experience whatever comes up for you.

You see, when you let go of any judgment that you might have about yourself, then the life that your are living becomes an open space to receive the love that flows to you from your Divinity, and into your human experience.

Your body becomes the Sacred Vessel that receives the Love of God, That You Are. The body becomes the Alchemical Crucible, of which you may have heard; and then the most miraculous transformations can take place within you. Alchemy, contrary to popular belief, is first and foremost about the transmutation of consciousness.

When you don't place any judgment on yourself, or upon your life experiences, then your body, your mind, and your heart can receive without obstruction, the infinitude of Love that is poured directly upon you, – anointing you with the most Sacred Blessing of all.

Please feel encouraged to continue what you are doing, and trust that things are moving toward experiences of greater joy and love in your life. You are deeply loved.

I AM Saint-Germain.

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