March Equinox: "Are You Truly Ready For A New Reality?" - A Saint-Germain Channeling

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March Equinox: Are You Truly Ready For A New Reality?
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

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I AM Saint-Germain.

One thing that you have to do right now is acknowledge your journey. Yes, dear friend this has been a long journey coming, and you have put so much time, effort and work into moving through these last three years of your life. On this journey, you have not only devoted yourself to changing your life, but you have also been dedicating your time and effort to bringing change in the world around you. Your work, your school, your family environment, everywhere you spend time with others, you have brought your light. And it's not always been easy, as you already know it.

These have been truly some very challenging years that humanity had to face, yet they have also been some of the most rewarding years too. So much has come to the surface, so many ways to heal have emerged into the world, and there is so much more willingness and openness to receive the healing power of Love onto this Earth.

Now guess what? All of this has been possible because of YOU. Yes indeed, it is because of you. Because you have spent that hour in meditation every morning, because you chose to look at the wounds of your childhood and finally heal them, because you chose to love instead of being jealous, because you have been willing to see the light in everyone around you, when darkness has been the way for so many people.

This is why I want to ask you to acknowledge your journey. Can you see how much you have done to bring yourself to where you are now, but also to bring this beautiful Earth closer to healing, and to experiencing the bounty of God's Love?

What you have accomplished.

Maybe you can't see it yet, how you have changed, and how your change has brought so much to your direct environment, and to everyone's lives that you've touched over the course of these past years. Look even closer. Look at this past year, and see how you have done so many things. In this short span of time, could you have ever imagined to accomplish as much as you did? Probably not. And if you were to think of doing all those things in advance, you may have never started on some of those journeys. But that's the beauty of it: you have moved with greater openness and awareness in your life, and you have allowed the Universe to bring things into your life that you wouldn't even be able to imagine just a year ago.

So, look at this last year, and check your accomplishments, as you would balance your books. List down on a piece of paper all the things, big or small that you have manged to complete over the course of the last year. Also, list all the habitual ways of being that you have exposed, and that you were able to finally release. List all the people you have found new in your life, and list all those that have left your life. Look at the many things that you've learned about yourself during this past year. Write down all these things, because each small accomplishment brings you closer to your vision of the future, and to your dreams that create your reality.

Are you truly ready for your new reality?

So what can you expect now? As you look back at the accomplishments of this last year, look at what is left. Write for yourself what's left unfinished, unresolved, and still feels incomplete to you.

Do you still have any loose ends on some important issues that you wanted to address?
Do you still yearn for that great change in one specific area of your life that didn't seem to be available to you until now?
Do you need to release all that anxiety that has been building up over the last year, and finally make peace with yourself about where you are in your life?
Now is your opportunity to do so. Yes, you have this very important time of the year, which is the Equinox to help you kick start, or to address all these things anew. While there still is tension in your experience, the intensity of it is going to wane, and you may find that it will be much easier to release and surrender to what you have in front of you.

As you release your old journey, and surrender to the new experience that is coming to you now, you will feel ready to begin your journey with greater enthusiasm and joy, and you will find more resources available to you, especially through the relationships and partnerships in your life.

One very important thing to remember about this new experience that's coming into your life now, is to be mindful about the way that you engage your life through emotions, and where you put your emotional resources. Don't get caught up in impulsive reactions that are challenged by how you perceive the world, or how you perceive the experiences to be outdated and needing to change completely and immediately. This is a time of cooperation through awareness, of learning to work together with others, and to use the fuel of your emotions to grow together with others, instead of growing apart, out of impatience or inability to accept someone else's unique expression.

When you follow your heart, you are guided by the desire to change yourself and the life of others by uplifting everyone around you. This compassion and love that you show to others will be then reciprocated. Such acts of selflessness will be truly the foundation for your new life, and through them you will find greater satisfaction in what you do, and in everything that you experience. You will also discover how much richer your life is, and how much more you can accomplish when you are willing to work together with others. Connecting to the web of life that you share with others, is going to truly open your eyes to a new reality.

Be blessed dear friend. I AM Saint-Germain.


Hear about what you are healing at this time in your life. Learn about the energy of these times, and how you can use this energy to propel yourself into a life that is fulfilling and aligned with your Soul's purpose. Set your intentions in the sacred circle provided by Saint-Germain and your guiding angels, and start a new cycle of healing and living under the powerful influence of this Solar Eclipse and Equinox.

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