"Astrological Signatures for the Current Global Crises"

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"Astrological Signatures for the Current Global Crises"
February 10, 2009
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on January 25, 2009 (the start of the Chinese New Year) marked the energetic beginning of an important transformational period for humanity. These changes will be profound, regenerative, but potentially very challenging. How you meet them individually, is your choice. But since your individual choices determine the collective outcome for all, it is worth investing yourselves in an understanding of what is happening.

These are long-term changes that you are undertaking collectively, and the key to working with them is to go step-by-step. The radical re-structuring of the global society will take place over many, many years. Pacing yourselves is essential. The essence of this message was reinforced by the energies that were brought in during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This is the year of the Earth-Ox.

Think, for a moment, of the element "Earth," and the animal "Ox." This should encourage you, as individuals, to take a solid, grounded, and practical approach to doing things this year, and for the times to come. This advice is equally valid for the human collective. At this critical moment of New Beginnings, remember to go slowly and take an even-handed approach with your world. Allow yourselves to be conscientious and thorough in integrating the profound changes that are upon you.

This is not a "quick fix." There are no steps that can be skipped. Not this year, or in the years to come. Paying attention to detail is required, but without making it worrisome or fearful. Just be fully present, and work in the spirit of re-building the world. Remember that the good of all, and not just the individual, is tantamount to successfully resolving the chaotic energies that are around you now.

Setting the Stage: The Recent New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

The recent New Moon in January included a powerful Solar Eclipse in conjunction with the planet Jupiter. This marked more than just the energetic beginning of the Chinese New Year. It also marked the beginning of a New Template for humanity - an era of expansion and hope for all. Jupiter, in conjunction with the Sun and New Moon promised this. It favors growth (Jupiter) in new awareness (Sun), with greater security (Moon) for humanity (Aquarius).

But this will not occur without everyone's committed involvement.

Why? Because the collective wounds occasioned by deception at the hands of those in power, and by your mass delusion (by choosing to believe them), still need to be overcome. This collective injury is signified by the conjunction of Chiron (wounding) and Neptune (deception) in the sign of humanity (Aquarius) during the New Moon.

This collective wounding and deception has most clearly been seen in the shock, failure, and dissolution of your banking and business systems around the world. At the time of the New Moon, this was represented by the conjunction of Uranus (disruptive endings/new beginnings) and Venus (money, stocks, bonds, and traded goods) in the sign of "dissolution and undoing" (Pisces), while opposing the retrograde Saturn (severity and limitation) in the sign of commerce (Virgo).

What will bring this situation to resolution?

In the short-term (in a matter of some few years), it will be the coordinated, methodical, and systematic application of intelligent action to the situation. This was signified by Mercury (intellect) conjuncting Mars (action) in Capricorn (organization) at the time of the New Moon.

But in the long-term (and over many subsequent years), it will be about profound, regenerative transformation in the many structures that support a global society. These will include governments, businesses, corporations, and much more. That which has decayed, will pass away, and thus trigger the emergence of new life.

These deeper changes continue to be keyed to the movement of Pluto (death and re-birth) through Capricorn (authoritative bodies) from 2008 through 2024. This is not about simple change or reform. It's about the global society relinquishing control over that which no longer serves humanity in order to birth something better.

Releasing the New Energy: The Full Moon in Leo, and "The Finger of God"

The Full Moon in Leo on February 9, 2009 is going to release much of the energies needed to resolve the world situation that is described above. But this will be no ordinary Full Moon. This month's Full Moon in Leo will be part of a powerful planetary configuration called a "yod." The yod is also known as "The Finger of God."

A yod is formed by at least three planetary influences: One planet forms quincunxes (150° aspects) to the other two planets, while the latter two are separated from each other by a sextile (60° aspect). If you trace this geometric pattern on a piece of paper, it will look like the letter "Y."

The yod is an astrological configuration that directs a tremendous amount of energy toward the quincunxed planet (the planet at the bottom of the "Y"). This can be compared to the way an arrow would be directed by the archer, and then released from the bow toward a target. The yod provides a powerful, focused, and one-pointed resolution to energies. It is not diffused or spread about the zodiac. It almost feels like "fated" energy. This is why the yod is sometimes referred to as "The Finger of God."

The yod that will form on Febuary 9th involves the Full Moon in Leo, and also Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Pisces. In addition, there will be planetary oppositions to the Moon in Leo that will include Chiron, Neptune, and the Sun in Aquarius (the Sun, of course, always opposes the Full Moon).

What does this mean?

In general terms, it means that all that has been hidden (Neptune) and deeply wounding (Chiron) to our humanity (Aquarius) during these times of crisis, will begin to be brought forcefully into public awareness. The bow has been drawn and the arrow released. The Finger of God has pointed the way. Humanity will have an opportunity to shine the light of its collective awareness (the Sun in Aquarius) on all that has been kept dark and hidden from mass consciousness for so long (represented by the Moon).

Thematically, these revelations will start to occur in many of the areas mentioned above - but others will likely appear, too. Don't be disturbed by any additional surprises.

What is more important than the revelations that will come about the misdeeds and abuses that have been committed, is the great potential for resolution that this time offers. This can be seen by looking at the "fields" of potential energy that surround the planets involved. These energies are indicated by the signs and degrees of the zodiac in which these planets are found.

A good way to study these influences is to look at the Sabian symbols for the degrees of the zodiac where the planets are currently transiting. Sabian symbols are a set of interpretive images that were developed for astrology by using clairvoyant techniques. You can read more about Sabian symbols here. http://www.sabiansymbols.com/sabian-story.asp

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon in Leo, and for the other planets in the associated yod, offer great promise for the future. Here is a summary of their meanings:

1) A New Way Is Ushered In. Although disruption and collapse (Uranus), and deception and undoing (Pisces) have been running rampant through the current political and economic situations, a study of Sabian symbology offers hope.

The Sabian symbol for Uranus' placement in Pisces during the Full Moon is: "A prophet carries tablets of the New Law down from the mountain." This means that the potential astrological energies are favoring a completely new way of doing business, banking, and politics; one that encourages an innovative, unified, and spiritually-motivated approach (a positive expression of Uranus in Pisces).

2) Transparency and Accountability. Although the public has been kept largely in the dark (Moon), either by outright deception of those in power or by its own complicit tendencies to be fooled, there is hope for a new awakening.

This is evident from the corresponding Sabian symbol for the degree of the Full Moon in Leo: "A carrier pigeon is fulfilling its mission [i.e. delivering its message to the intended receiver]." Nothing more shall remain hidden. The public shall learn the importance of staying informed; and of holding itself, its officials, and its institutions accountable at all times for the truth.

3) Wisdom in Recovery. The Sabian symbols for the placement of the Sun, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius show a wonderful potential for the healing of our collective wounds (Chiron in Aquarius) with intuitive wisdom (Neptune) and awareness (Sun). For the degree of the Sun/Chiron conjunction, the following applies: "A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow the children to play in comfort and warmth." This is a clear reference to the inauguration of a new period of comfort, ease, trust, and innocence.

For Neptune, also conjuncting the Sun and Chiron during this Full Moon phase, the Sabian symbol is: "A man, having overcome his difficulties, now teaches wisdom from the depths of his experience." This bodes quite well for resolving the current world crises with a mature, intuitive understanding of how things really are; instead of how things may look when they are viewed through the spectacles of fear.

4) Finally, the Sabian symbol for Mercury in Capricorn shows how the global community can make this happen in a practical way. It will be about bringing together information and analysis (Mercury) in order to organize and execute plans (Capricorn) in the most effective way possible.

But the most effective way to do this will be to rely upon the vast realm of intuitive help and guidance that is available to us during the recovery process. It's about relying on guidance from Spirit. Here is the corresponding Sabian symbol for this planetary placement of Mercury: "A Nature Spirit is dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall."

This implies that it's not enough to take the old path to recovery. That was the linear, rational, and analytical approach to global politics and economics that has created problems in the past. This is not going to work. Using this rational approach has only lead to the "rationalization" of abuses that were later committed in the name of this scientific/intellectual approach to handling the complexities of world governance.

Instead, the human collective must learn to let the heart lead the mind; allow intuition to inform analysis; and permit its commonly-held Divinity to guide its humanity, if it would hope to see real transformation in the world.

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