"June Solstice, 2013: Good or Bad News?" - A Saint-Germain Channeling

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"June Solstice, 2013: Good or Bad News?"
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

"Dear Saint-Germain, I would like to ask you about how my life is going at this time, and also about how it will evolve during the next few years. It feels like I’ve started a new phase of activity, yet everything continues as before. Right now, I want to align myself with something that would make me feel joyful. Something creative! I want to have a higher purpose, but I have no idea what that might be. Can you help me, please?"

My beloved friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

It’s good that you are addressing your inspiration and creativity today, as the June Solstice and the close proximity of the Full Moon that are upon you are about renewing your commitment to personal creativity and an inspired sense of serving your Soul’s purpose.

This time is about allowing yourself to soar as high as your spiritual wings will carry you, but then coming back down to Earth and doing something tangible with the inspiration that you’ve found.

This is a time when your higher vision can be supported by optimistic, but realistic goals, if you will allow it. Look to the harmonious alignment of Neptune in Pisces, the Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in late Gemini, and Saturn in Scorpio and you will understand the meaning of my statement.

Good news or bad news?

Of course, it’s also likely that at this time, you may not be feeling light, and free, and easy at all. Instead, you may feel that you’re just now emerging from a prolonged period of disruption, chaos, or stagnation that’s been difficult to bear.

Ask yourself, have you felt lately that your dreams and sacrifices have come to nothing at all? Have you felt that you may have over-reached your circumstances or resources, and that everything has fallen down around you as a consequence? Perhaps you have observed that your hopes and willingness to work hard have not matched your available time and energy, and that now you’re feeling exhausted and confused? These are only a few of the many possible manifestations of the energy that has been circulating in recent months.

Well, I have good news for you now.

I’m here to tell you that you can have faith in yourself and in the assistance that is available to you from Spirit at this time. Allow yourself to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” and know that you are on the verge of a spiritual re-awakening.

Know that now you can reconnect with the spiritual ideals that have inspired you, and that you will be able to create workable goals and solutions that will come to fruition in their due time, if you so choose. Look for signs of hope and renewal all around you, and you will certainly find them.

Yes, you will still need to come to terms with your sense of loss or failure. This is inevitable during the closure of any cycle of activity. This is also part of the energies that you are experiencing now and that you are preparing to release.

For example, there may be old hurts and wounded feelings from the past that are seeking your forgiveness. There may even be some bitterness and resentment to contend with. But these can be dealt with now. Look to the positions of Lilith and Chiron in close alignment with the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, and you will see what I mean.

Serving something bigger that just your self-interest.

Now, this information that I am giving is not only for you, but also for all who may be tuning in to this communication at this time or in the future.

With this in mind, I wanted to mention that for you, one of the main ways that you will be motivated to align your human wants and needs with a sense of Soul purpose in life, is to feel that you are able to contribute your skills, talents and interests to the Greater Good. For you, this means living life in a way that you truly enjoy, but in a way that also serves something bigger than just yourself.

You have a strong need to make a creative contribution to the Whole of Life through the application of your knowledge, experience and unique perspective. But in doing this, you will want to help others, too. This will come naturally to you and you will want to honor it.

So, my friend, in meeting your human needs in this lifetime, while also honoring your Soul’s purpose for you, you should assist others in ways that are realistic. This means serving others, without throwing yourself away in servitude or out of a sense of guilt or obligation.

It’s also important to remember that if you are giving to others with selfish or self-serving ends in mind, then this will ultimately work against you. Your Soul’s purpose is not about setting yourself apart from others this way. Rather, it’s about making a creative contribution with your talents, interests, and skills – something that is enjoyable for you and that benefits others, too.

Releasing the old, taking up the new.

Let us look at what we can focus upon now, so that the energy of this time and the shifts and transformation you are going through can be funneled in such a way that you feel excited, joyful and fulfilled. You are coming to a point of completion in your life. You're completing the old journey that you’ve been on, and soon you'll be starting a new sojourn that will feel more personally satisfying and that will give you excellent opportunities to put your talents and interests into service again.

You are looking at your life now, and as you are reviewing it, you are deciding what you will keep and what you will release. As you are doing this, you’re also making room for a new set of intentions that will come into manifestation at their appropriate time. This is a natural cycle. An ebb and flow. Yes, there are certainly doors that are closing for you now – doors of completion. But there is also a door that is opening for you – a door leading to important new desires, as well as a renewal of something connected to your past goals and dreams.

So please understand that it is time to complete the old journey and to allow yourself to take up a new one. The time is approaching for you to set off again, without doubting or judging yourself, and allow yourself to move forward into a grander vision of Who You Really Are. The best thing you can do now to affirm this, is to have faith and trust in yourself. The time will fulfill itself, when it is appropriate.

What is this shift about? It's about you, looking at your life from a different angle. It’s about you, observing yourself from a different perspective. It’s about aligning your human self with your Soul’s purpose for you. Coming into alignment with what you are here to embody and experience on Earth, and what you are here to share with others for the benefit of All.

Be willing to welcome now this new experience into your life – an experience that will deeply nurture and nourish you, and that will make you feel at home within the sanctuary of your own heart and mind. But understand that this will not be a place of passive idleness. Instead, it will also stimulate you in a new way, helping you to see Who You Really Are – a Child of God, and God also – and preparing you to courageously move forward and show yourself in this way.

Leading by serving others.

This will not be about pretentiously “showing off” before others in order to be recognized as someone “special”. This kind of spiritual vanity serves no one at all. Instead, you will come forward joyfully, humbly and with purposeful intent to share your gifts with others.

Because of the deeper understanding that you now possess, you are going to involve yourself in life, once again. But this time you will do it with renewed trust in yourself, and renewed faith in your passion and energy. You are going to assist others in recognizing their own, inherent will-to-goodness. This is a manifestation of Divine Will that will transform your planet from one of chaos and suffering into one of cooperation and lovingkindness.

Are you ready now to step forward again? Are you ready now to lead by serving?

Are you ready to step forward and lead others, not so much by telling them what is right or wrong, but rather by living your life in humble, helpful and earnest service to them? Are you ready to live according to the Love written upon your heart, which is a Truth-aligned way of living that does not condemn others in order to make your point of view right?

If you are ready, then the time truly favors you, and we stand ready to support you in this.

This is our message for you today, my good friend. I AM Saint-Germain.

Would you like to know more about your Soul's plan and purpose for your life?
Then please consider having a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.


Conectandote con tu esencia said...

Uauhh.. What a great channelling!
Certainly it matches with me. Thank you so much to St. G. and , of course, you, Alexandra and Dan. Warmest Hugs!...

Maya said...

This was so beautiful, It was a blessing to read this today, much of the message felt like it had been written for me. Thanks so much St. Germain, Alex and Dan. Love you all lots, Maya XX

Bastien said...

Hello Alex and Dan,
Very good channeling indeed, very aliviating, it is as if an heavy baggage has been lifted from my shoulders and then, kind of "and now what ?"

Janice said...

This felt as if it were speaking directly to me. Amazing. Thank you very much St. Germain, Alexandra and Dan.

Alexandra and Dan said...

Hello dear friends, and thank you for your kind comments. We are happy to hear that you connected with this material in such a profound way.

We're sending you our warmest hugs, too William.
Maya, we are happy to hear from you again. The message certainly felt very personal to us, too. Love from us, too.
Bastien, yes... now it's the time to see what comes next. We'll probably hear what that will be soon.
Janice, yes, we heard this from many. It is amazing, and wonderful. Thank you.

Lots of love, Alexandra and Dan

Verona said...

This is cool!

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