“Symphony of the Soul" - A Saint-Germain Channeling, Sept. Equinox 2011

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"Symphony of the Soul: September Equinox 2011"
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan
September 16, 2011

This channeling is about the Higher Purpose of the planet.
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Dear friends, I AM Saint-Germain. If you step aside for a moment and consider the history of life on your planet, you'll see that something is changing. A New World is awakening. You're seeing evidence of this with pressing and often violent demands for social reform, uncertainty in your financial markets, and the faltering of political processes and institutions that should be addressing the needs of the people, but no longer know how to do this.

These contortions are signs of an old world that is deeply transforming now. An old world in which you have permitted many abuses. Collectively, by omission or commission you have allowed greed to overrun your well-being and happiness, and self-interest to replace acts of kindness and charity.

In the New World, you will no longer permit this.

In the world that is awakening now, you will know that happiness and well-being are not acquired at the expense of others, but come within a framework of unity that uplifts all alike. In the awakening world, your Divinity will provide this framework for you.

In the New World, you will discover people just like you, who have chosen to deepen their relationships with God, themselves, and others. Together, you will form societies that bring your planet into greater relation as a whole, without denying you the personal liberties that you desire.

What will feel “new” about the New World will be a commonly held vision of peace and goodwill. What the world will experience as unprecedented will be harmony, instead of chaos.

The Symphony of the Soul

Sharing your Divinity will build a better world, because shared Divinity is What You Are. You are individual points of consciousness, sharing the mind of the God that birthed you. Because you share God’s mind with each other, cooperating is fundamental to your nature. You cannot change this fact, even if you try.

If ever you needed a mantra to reorganize yourselves, it's this:
"Sharing your Divinity builds a better world, because shared Divinity is What You Are."

By consciously choosing to live your life this way, instead of resisting it as you have, you will find that you accomplish more together in unity, than you could ever do alone. One way to see how this works is to think of the music that an orchestra makes.

In an orchestra there are violinists, flutists, percussionists, and many more musicians. When it is functioning as it should, this diversity enriches the musical experience for all. Each person performs well, but no single performer overpowers another. In the ensemble, they execute their parts with precision, listen attentively to each other, and blend together to create a unified sound that all can appreciate.

When an orchestra is unrehearsed or undisciplined, the musicians perform with no regard for each other. Different sections play loudly, softly, or not at all, and with no direction or coordination. They produce dissonant sounds that are not pleasant to hear, and that no one would tolerate for long. In the context of this example, your old world has been one of musical chaos.

Now that you are moving into times of greater harmony, more attention is called for. Your expressions are sufficiently refined to blend with others in ways that were not possible before. You are coming into resonance with your Soul; and as you do, you will touch others deeply, and you will need to listen carefully to their responses. All good musicians know this. Accomplished members of an orchestra know that to express themselves fully, they must also listen to those around them. Soon, you and all of humanity will use this skill to create communities and societies that serve you better.

The Human Tapestry

Another way to understand how your New World will function is to think of a tapestry.

Imagine yourself as a single thread in the greater fabric of humanity. When you look closely at this tapestry, you will see that you can distinguish yourself from all the other fibers by a color and luster that is all your own. This quality of light and love is the unique way that you express your Divinity. You are a unique expression of the God who dwells within you as your innermost Self.

If you look closer at the tapestry, you will notice that the threads are interwoven, sometimes simply and sometimes complexly. This interlacing of fibers symbolizes your relationships. Relationships add texture to your life by bringing you moments of heartfelt sharing. But when your relationships include God, they are more than just sharing. They are you, sharing God with each other.

Finally, the tapestry represents your human collective. Just as many threads form patterns in the overall fabric of the tapestry, so humanity is made up of many people living in complex societies and relationships across the planet. And just as a fabric can clothe a body, cover a table, or decorate a wall, while a single thread cannot – so, your societies, when united in God’s Love, can accomplish things that you as an individual would find impossible to do.

What More Is Yet to Come?

Enough of you value harmony and flow now, that you will find it easy to come together. You have reached a critical mass. Soon, this will allow you to build a world that is supportive of your needs, without having to struggle to do it. But first there is a clearing away of that which no longer serves you, and this can be disconcerting. When this happens, don’t be fooled. Be patient, instead.

Whenever you fall into doubt, remember the orchestra and ask yourself this: When one musician meets another who values harmony as much as the first – is it not natural for them to unite in their love of music and create something together that neither could do separately?

If your answer to this question is “yes,” then know that this response will serve you well – for this is the spirit that will build your New World.

Much as a symphonic movement depends on each orchestra member playing well and in harmony, so your New World will be built by individuals who express themselves fully, within a context of unity that actually works. Encourage each other in this, and soon you will find that you live in a better world. All of you can bring this greater awareness and sensitivity to the reconsolidation of your planet.

Believe this, and it shall be so.

I AM Saint-Germain, and you are deeply loved.

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