"About Soul Mate Relationships" - A Saint-Germain, Jeshua, and Miriam Channeling

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“About Soul Mate Relationships”
A Saint-Germain, Jeshua and Miriam Channel
By Alexandra and Dan

"Dear Saint-Germain, in recent years my work and life have become increasingly aligned with providing humanitarian services. I am deeply committed to this and find it very adventurous, too. It is filled with travel to remote places and wonderful things to see. It’s almost like a holiday. I am happier now, than I have ever been.

"But one deep longing still eludes me. I would like to experience a loving and intimate relationship with a partner. My problem is that my previous relationships haven’t been compatible with the passion that I have for my work, or the sense of excitement and accomplishment that I feel when I do it.

"I keep hoping that I will meet someone who mirrors my own aspirations to do something beneficial in the world. Then perhaps we could find a different way to be together. Conventional relationships just don’t seem to work out. I know that there are many potential Soul mates out there for me. Why can’t I seem to meet any of them? I am ready to experience a satisfying relationship now. And I need guidance! Thank you for your help." (Part of Soul purpose reading.)

Dear Friend. It is I, Saint-Germain, along with the presence of Jeshua and Miriam. We know your frustration. We know your longing for a partner. We know that you desire to have this kind of deeper relationship with someone. You are hoping to find a Soul mate who will, as you say, “mirror your own aspirations” to be of service in the world.

This is a noble desire. And we encourage you to honor it, because it is beautiful and worthy. But we also ask that you examine your desire more closely now. Be sure that you are adequately understanding your motivations, even as you are calling this experience to you.

Ask yourself, why are you seeking an intimate union now? What is encouraging you to allow this? We would say that the Truth About You is moving you toward this depth of sharing now.

And what is the Truth About You? Simply this. “You are a Child of God, and God also. This is the Truth About You.”

Know that when this heartfelt truth forms the basis of your joining, then you will call a partner to you who can resonate with this awareness. You are going to find each other for the purpose of sharing your Divinity together, and you will do this with all the passion, joy, and love in your being. You will relate to each other “soulfully.” This means that you will relate to each other, as one Soul would to Another.

But we caution you to examine your beliefs about Soul mates, even now, as you are calling a partner to you for this kind of profound relationship.

If you believe that a Soul mate is what you need to support you now – because anyone “less ideal” might take away the things that you really love to do, then you may find that your search for intimacy doesn’t end in the way you imagined it would.

Why is this so?

Because intimate relationships that you idealize in your mind, and relationships that are heartfelt and satisfying, are not the same thing.

About Soul Mate Relationships

Please, consider this…

Many of you like to idealize your beliefs about Soul mates. You repeatedly fantasize about them, and then charge them with the expectation that once you have met one, you will no longer have to face the challenges, setbacks, or fears that you have known in previous relationships.

Then you overlay this Soul mate expectation with a sentiment you like to call your “desire for love.” But you are confusing this with something else. Your sentimental feelings are only triggered by your fantasies. It is not a genuine disposition toward love. In reality, you are using the fantasies in your mind to protect you from the things that you fear about love, rather than opening your heart to What Love Really IS.

Let’s explore this in more detail now.

Loving Yourself, and Loving What You Do

First of all, we would like to congratulate you for the happiness that you have created through the work that you love to do.

Yes, your working life has been very rewarding. You have accomplished much, assisted many, and felt great joy in doing both. And also very importantly, you have not allowed the demands of others to discourage you from following your heart in this, your chosen profession.

To accomplish this, you have taken up a very unconventional lifestyle; one that accommodates the passion that you have for your service to humanity. You have made this work well for you, and you have enjoyed it along the way. In fact, it is working out so well for you, precisely BECAUSE you are enjoying it. Joy allows many things to be accomplished, that would otherwise seem impossible to do.

And we agree with you on another thing, too. You ARE ready for a wonderful and loving relationship now. The time has come.

But before you enter into this experience, we would like to ask you to look more deeply into your desire for a partner. Ask yourself honestly, how much do you want this to happen, and how much do you still fear it?

Fear of Intimacy

The truth is, that there is a cautious part of you that is still afraid of intimacy. It fears getting into a relationship in which you are loved, but only for the parts of you that do not threaten your partner’s need for security.

This frightened part of you believes that the work you love to do, is going to compete with your partner’s need for attention from you. It also believes that to guarantee your partner’s love, you will probably have to sacrifice what you already enjoy doing.

When you secretly fear intimacy this way, then you will find yourself letting the strength of your accomplishments and the marvels of your adventures be the standard by which you measure a partner, and not the love in his or her heart.

When you are open and ready to share love with a partner, it will be there for you. But first you must stop fearing what you think this love will demand from you, or what it might take away from you, should you invite it into your life.

Your desire to know and share intimate love now, combined with your residual fear of it, is keeping it at a distance from you. It’s a small distance, however, and easily overcome with a shift in your awareness.

Why is this?

Because the Love you are calling to you now, is not the demand for sacrifice that you have feared before. It is not competitive, jealous, or possessive as you have been conditioned to believe. This Love, simply IS. It is something that you can ride like a wave, knowing that it will sustain you, because sustaining you is its Joy.

Your Relationship Homework

Instead of being afraid of an intimate relationship now, we would like to invite you to feel where you are in your life. Feel deeply your accomplishments, as well as the love you have for yourself and for the wonderful life you have created.

But see also, if you can recognize that part of you which is still feeling cautious, and perhaps even a bit frightened of intimate relationships.

Understand that there is nothing wrong with this. Just acknowledge it, and then invite this part of you to grow in awareness and confidence. Help it understand that you are ready to have an intimate relationship with someone else now. Tell it that you will be in charge of keeping the fear and needless sacrifice out of your life. It doesn’t have to worry about these things.

When you take a look at your fear of intimacy, treat it as if it were a frightened child; and then find a way to comfort and reassure it. Tell it that although you were once hurt in a relationship, that this isn’t going to happen any more. Now you know that sacrificing what you love to do is unnecessary.

Then ask yourself, what is going to be the focus of your intimate relationship with a partner now? Is it going to be about sharing your Divinity together? Is it going to be about merging and expanding the Love That You Are, so that your interests can easily coexist and support each other?

If your answer to this questions is “yes,” then know that it is possible to call this kind of relationship to you now. Be ready and open to receive this, and it shall be so.

I am Saint-Germain, along with Jeshua and Miriam, and we thank you for your question.

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yk248 said...

Thank you very much for sharing this. It is exactly what I needed to hear at this time..

Alexandra and Dan said...

Hello dear,

Thank you for stopping by and reading this material. It's great to know that it helps you.

Much love from us,
Alexandra and Dan

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new to your site but receiving your channeling through Spiritual Library. I also very much liked the messages from St.German which seems to be coming at the right moment. I believe that many of us light workers will now find a soul made. Also, my angles been forthetelling me to watch the signs and at that day I read your channeling. Many of us are ready now to be rewarded and therefore I thank both of you for sharing. It gives again new push not to give up and keep on walking. Wishing you a blessed day, Love & Light. Elke

Alexandra and Dan said...

Thank you Elke for your comment.

We hope that you've found the experiences that you wanted and called for, in the time that passed.

We appreciate that you came by and said hi and thanks. Lots of love from us, Alex and Dan

ann said...

Thank you for your hope because even if I am still alone I am hopeful now that i know it's normal for most people following this path of Love to seek True Love before meeting someone else

Alexandra and Dan said...

Hi Anne,

You're welcome. It's good to hear you feel encouraged and hopeful.

We thank you for sharing your words here. Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan

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