Saint-Germain, "About Soul Mate Relationships."

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"About Soul Mate Relationships." A Saint-Germain, Jeshua, and Miriam Channeling

Alexandra and Dan"About Soul Mate Relationships."
Saint-Germain, Jeshua & Miriam Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

"Dear Saint-Germain, I work with humanitarian services. But I would like a partner who also wants to do something beneficial in the world. I know there are many Soul mates out there for me. But why can't I seem to meet any of them?"

Dear One. It is I, Saint-Germain, along with the presence of Jeshua and Miriam. We know your frustration. We know your longing for a partner. We know that you desire to have this kind of deeper relationship with someone. You are hoping to find a Soul mate who will, as you say, "mirror your own aspirations" to be of service in the world...

But we caution you to examine your beliefs about Soul mates, as you are calling a partner to you...If you believe that a Soul mate is what you need to support you now - because anyone "less ideal" might prevent you from doing the things that you love to do, then you may find that your search for intimacy doesn't end in the way that you imagined.

Why is this so? Because intimate relationships that you idealize in your mind, and relationships that are heartfelt and satisfying, are not the same thing.

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