Saint-Germain, "Supporting Your Soul's Purpose."

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"Supporting Your Soul's Purpose, Meeting Your Human Needs."

Alexandra and DanMy friend, I AM Saint-Germain. Many times you have discovered that satisfying your basic human needs can feel out of alignment with your desire to create something of value in the world. You have found yourself wondering why you can't meet your basic physical and emotional needs and, at the same time, walk a path of enlightened service to humanity.

Ask yourself if there is not a tension in your life between what you want and need from the physical world, and what you think would bring you the greatest joy in a spiritual sense?

Many of you have had this experience. You have had this experience as you attempted to reconcile your genuine desire to walk a spiritual path, with the needs that you have for security and comfort as a human being. You perceive that there is some kind of conflict between your spiritual goals and your material needs, when there really is not.

Instead of feeling frustrated and continuing to experience this conflict, why not recognize that your Soul has a plan and purpose for your life, and that you can support this plan and purpose in a way that takes care of the human you, too?

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