Saint-Germain, "Soul Mate or Stalemate?"

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"Soul Mate or Stalemate?" A Saint-Germain and Jeshua Channeling

Alexandra and Dan The following channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading. It's reproduced here with the client's permission.

"Soul Mate or Stalemate?"
A Saint-Germain and Jeshua Channel
By Alexandra and Dan
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"Dear Saint-Germain, my question is about what happened between me and my husband, and what I am still missing. Since our separation some months ago, both of us have been through a lot of internal change. I realize that all of this has been kind of a blessing for me, bringing me a lot closer to Who I Really Am and opening me up to my intuitive abilities. However, I now feel it is time to make a few decisions as to how to continue.

"Is there any sense for me to intend to bring the two of us back together - we've got children after all - or would it be better for me to move on? Can he be a Soul mate to me? Can we be fulfilled together with only the change of my attitudes?

"I know I'm the 'center of my universe,' and I've been through constant change aiming to make this relationship work for years. However, on earthly planes it seems we haven't had much success. We decided to stay and live close to each other for another year and take care of the kids together. I'd very much appreciate a larger overview. Thank you."

It is I, Saint-Germain, who is here today with Jeshua. Together we're going to talk to you about your relationship. But first, we would like you to let go of your question. It's important that you let it go for a moment, because we're going to digress slightly at the beginning. Don't worry, because we will get back to it...

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