Saint-Germain’s, March Equinox Message for 2012: "Energy Imbalance, Fanaticism & Revolutionary Change."

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Joy and Clarity Newsletter, March 2012

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Saint-Germain's March Equinox Message for 2012:
"Energy Imbalance, Fanaticism & Revolutionary Change."

Alexandra and Dan "Energy Imbalance, Fanaticism & Revolutionary Change"
Saint-Germain's March Equinox Message for 2012.
By Alexandra and Dan

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain. We gather together today to feel the energies of the March Equinox, 2012. The planet is receiving the energies of rebirth and recalibration - and many of you will feel this with great intensity. Don't be surprised if you feel inspired and exhilarated, as well as disrupted and disturbed, by your experiences. This is the nature of the energies that you are encountering. Keep a perspective and remember that all IS well.

Astrologically and esoterically, there are important potentials opening before you. But you are also resolving challenges that have been holding you back for some time. This is true at the individual, as well as the collective level.

During the March Equinox, you will be initiating a sequence of "energetic endings" that will accompany your new particular, you can expect a series of challenges and a workable solution to the problem of state-sponsored, religious fanaticism that has brought much aggression, violence, repression and revolutionary change to the world. There will be noticeable activity around this, and it will continue building as you move toward the end of the year.

But rather than a return to the chaos and turmoil that has occurred recently, this is the predictable flurry of activity that accompanies the last-minute attempts by those in power to hang on to their passing influence. These events will foreshadow a better tomorrow, if you will look at them closely.

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Español (Spanish):
"¿Por Qué Me Siento Tan Sola?"
Una Canalización de Saint-Germain
Translator: Maribel Gonzalez

日本語訳 (Japanese):
1. 「どうして私はこんなに孤独を感じているの?」
2. 「あなたは、他人からあなたの光を隠すには?」
Translator: Yumi Shigaki

Русский перевод (Russian):
1. "Почему я чувствую себя так одиноко?"
Ченнелинг Сен-Жермена
2. "Выбор между Жизнью и Смертью"
Дан Беннак
Translator: Ian Lisakov

Suomi (Finnish):
"Miksi tunnen olevani niin yksin?"
Saint-Germain -Kanavoiniti
Translator: Pirjo Laine

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