Saint-Germain, "No You're Not Crazy."

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"No, You're Not Crazy" A Saint-Germain and Jeshua Channeling

Alexandra and Dan The following is part of a personal channeled reading with Saint-Germain. It is reprinted with the client's permission.

"No, You're Not Crazy"
A Saint-Germain and Jeshua Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"Dear Saint-Germain. I've been waiting a long time for my young son to grow up, so that I can have more time for myself. I am so busy that I feel that I'm going to break into a thousand pieces. But now that he's about to turn 4 years old, I'm thinking of having another baby! It sounds crazy, but that's what's happening to me.

"I also find that the people I love the most, my husband and son, are the ones I am treating the worst. I've never been so nervous and upset before in my life. I shout at them and lose my patience so easily. How can you explain these contradictions in my behavior?"

We are Saint-Germain and Jeshua, along with Alexandra and Dan.

We thank you for expressing so well your concerns, questions, and inner contradictions. We know this is hard to do, especially when you are feeling confused and overwhelmed about which path you should take in your current situation.

We've listened to the words and the energy that you've shared with us. We would like to ask you to join us now in honoring and accepting your life and your experiences, just as they are.

Please join us here in this space by getting quiet within and breathing deeply for a moment.

Feel now, that at the core of everything, all is perfect, Just As It Is. You know this. And you can accept it, if you will just let go of the need to understand more than is necessary for you to know...

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