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"Dear Saint-Germain, How Can I Walk a Spiritual Path When I'm Feeling Low and Depressed?"

Alexandra and DanHello from Alexandra & Dan. Here's a question that we received during a client's Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain. It's about how to stay spiritually focused, while coping with low energy and depression. (Reprinted with permission.)

"I'm trying to walk a spiritual path, but I am having a hard time with depression and finding it difficult to do anything. Is medication a good solution, or is there a spiritual way to defeat this?"

My dear, I would like to address the issue of depression that you are talking about.

You, and so many others, on a spiritual path have encountered moments of very low energy, especially when you feel overwhelmed with the intensity of the process of transformation that you have undertaken. To deal with this intense process, and to make it work for you in a way that restores your trust and confidence in a functioning life, there is only one solution. You have to go through it. You have to walk through the fear, and go past it. You have to address the painful and frightening issues that arise within you, and then go beyond them.

But how do you do that? When you fall into depression, what happens is that you attach your identity to the complex of issues that are involved, and then you become blocked. Rather than avoid these issues because they are painful, as it may seem easier to do, what you need to do instead is take an active role in changing them...

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