Saint-Germain, "A Strong and Noble Heart."

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"A Strong and Noble Heart" A Saint-Germain Channeling

Alexandra and Dan We received a request for a personal reading with Saint-Germain from someone who wanted to feel genuine emotion again without falling into fear or melodrama.

"A Strong and Noble Heart."
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I Am Saint-Germain. I would like you to sit quietly for a moment and feel the rhythm of your beating heart. Why not touch the area around your heart now, and feel how it pulses within your chest? Feel the warmth around it. Take comfort in the regular circulation of blood, oxygen, and nourishment that your heart provides in every moment.

As you focus upon your heart, please allow yourself to breathe deeply. Feel the truly marvelous coordination between the beating of your heart and the cycle of your breathing.

Notice how the in-breath and out-breath work in harmony with the contraction and expansion of your heart -- receiving the oxygen that you need to fuel your body, taking it to the places where it is required, and removing the waste gases that would poison you.

Your emotional heart is alive and well, too, dear friend. It is strong enough to receive, circulate, and cleanse all that you are feeling at this time in your life.

You might have asked yourself at different times, whether your heart can handle so much emotion now. But you know the answer to this. You have a strong and noble heart.

Allow yourself now to feel this strength and to receive in this beautiful chalice that is your heart, the love that we have to share with you today. It is love that comes from your family. Your spiritual family.

It is the love that comes from us, and from all those whose lives you have touched with your strong and noble heart.

Please open your heart to receive this love and know that it is a steady, even flow that comes to you. It is a flow that is there for you each time you take a breath.

Breathe in and receive this love.

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