Saint-Germain, "How Can I Express More Self-Confidence?"

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Joy and Clarity, Ask Saint-Germain

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"How Can I Express More Self-Confidence?"

Alexandra and DanHello from Alexandra & Dan. During a Soul purpose reading, a client asked Saint-Germain about having greater self-confidence. Although she felt inspired inwardly, she was unable to do anything about it, when it was time to take action. The response is helpful. (Reprinted with permission.)

"Why do I feel so confident within, yet I am so frightened about letting this out and sharing myself with the world?"

I am glad that you asked this question. Because you are not the only one feeling this way.

You see, many sensitive and intuitive people like you have learned to develop your inner world to such a great extent that you find it difficult now to let the outer world be part of your life.

This is a survival mechanism, of sorts, developed in an emotional environment in which you were not able to be yourself because your sensitivity was misperceived, and perhaps unappreciated by others. This survival mechanism kept you functioning, when others didn't understand you. It did that by building walls around your inner world in order to keep the outer world from hurting you. But as you already know, any time that walls are erected to keep the outside world away, they also prevent the beauty of your inner world from getting out. This is your dilemma.

So, it may be that you were perceived many times as being a shy, sensitive, or even a quiet person, when you were actually bubbling over inside, with energies that were seeking active release and expression.

That survival mechanism, as you know, has served you well.

But in order to change it now, and let your inner expressions guide your outer actions, you will need to look at the root situation. You need to find that point in your emotional life, when you began to feel safer in your inner world, than in the outer world of relationships...

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