Saint-Germain, "Am I Truly Beautiful?"

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"Am I Truly Beautiful?" A Saint-Germain, Jeshua & Miriam Channeling
Alexandra and DanThe following channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain. It's published here with permission.

"Am I Truly Beautiful?"
Saint-Germain, Jeshua & Miriam Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

"Dear Saint-Germain, I know a woman who is very beautiful, poised and charming. She invited me to be her friend and promised to help me look and feel better. But every time I'm around her, she criticizes my appearance before offering any support. This makes me feel awful and betrayed. What should I do?"

Dear One. It is I, Jeshua, along with my companion, Miriam (Mary Magdalene), and my friend, Saint-Germain. We would like to speak to you about your feelings of insecurity. For some time now, you have been feeling very insecure about your attractiveness as a woman. Calm your fears. We are here to remind you that what is truly beautiful about you is your Divinity.

What Is Ideally Feminine?

My dear, the insecurity that you are feeling about your attractiveness as a woman has been with you for a long time. This is nothing new to you. You have found ways to cope with it, but even so, it has kept you from feeling fully validated as a woman, and this troubles you.

You have mentioned in your question to us, that this issue has been brought to your attention by a woman who is present in your life right now. You say that she is a woman who seems to have a hypnotic effect upon you. In your eyes, she appears to embody all that is ideally feminine. She possesses a magical beauty and an engaging wit; and her charm, poise, and self-confident spontaneity always seem to command the attention of others.

You like to be around her, of course. And yet when you are with her, you are never quite sure if she is going to validate you by the attention that she shows you, or keep you feeling small and insignificant. The promise of validation and the potential of rejection are overpowering you. This is why the relationship feels both exhilarating and dangerous to you at the same time, and this is why you are having problems seeing the relationship for what it really is.

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