Saint-Germain, "About Shame, Blame, and Money."

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Joy and Clarity, Ask Saint-Germain

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"Can Shame Affect My Relationship with Money?"

Alexandra and DanThis channeling describes how shame can undermine your relationship with money. It is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain for a client.

"Dear Saint-Germain, I have had issues with money, banks, and creditors
for most of my life. This has filled me with stress, fear, and powerlessness. How are these feelings affecting my relationship with money?"

Beloved friend, I AM Saint-Germain, and things are not as bad as you imagine. You say that you want to feel powerful, free, and abundant again. Not powerless and unworthy. But to dispel these illusions, you must first reclaim an awareness of Who You Really Are.

Understand that each time you allow yourself to feel shamed, blamed, or guilty about your financial situation - whether by another person or through self-condemnation - you are actually affirming that your unworthiness must be true. It is NOT. You must step out of this negative cycle of reinforcement completely....

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