Saint-Germain, "Action Birthed in Stillness."

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Joy and Clarity, Ask Saint-Germain

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"Action Birthed in Stillness."

Alexandra and DanThis channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain. It's published here with our client's permission.

"Dear Saint-Germain, I'm often confronted by my impulsive actions. Here's the problem. Instead of creating greater security for myself, I create more problems and limitations. I thought that acting boldly was the way to success. But this is not working for me. What am I doing wrong?"

My friend, you are learning through many trials and tribulations to do things one step at a time. Because of the constraints placed upon you, and the challenges you have experienced, you are learning to stop chasing after everything that worries you, and to exercise greater calm and restraint in your actions. From the perspective of your Divinity, this has been a very "good" thing for you, no matter how badly it made the human you feel at times.

My friend, when you experience periods of constraint - whether they are emotional, physical, intellectual, or financial, you are actually forced to get quiet, be still... and listen.
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