Saint-Germain, "Birthing the New You."

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"Birthing the New You." A Saint-Germain Channeling

Alexandra and DanWe are sending you lots of love from us,
By Alexandra and Dan

"Dear Saint-Germain, I want to live a life of spiritual purpose, but I also want to enjoy my time on Earth. I'm trying to do both, but it's such a struggle. I don't want to give up now. Can you help me, please?"

My friend, there are many in the world like you, who are here to experience life on Earth in a new way. You have come to remember the Truth About You - that You Are a Child of God, and God also - and then to live your life that way. You are opening to the broader range of experiences that is possible for you, when you consciously choose to engage your Divinity.

When you live this way as your Soul does, you can immerse yourself in the physical world, but still remember your origins in Spirit. You can express your Divinity in every moment, while enjoying your humanity to the fullest.

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