Saint-Germain, "About Denying the Shadow Self."

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Joy and Clarity, Ask Saint-Germain

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About Denying the Shadow Self.

Alexandra and DanOne of our clients asked Saint-Germain about the "shadow of blame" that opposes her spiritual intentions. The answer given in her Soul purpose reading helps put the matter into perspective.  Alexandra & Dan

Question: "I know what I should and should not do. But my shadow self is making me fearful and guilty, as if everything is my fault. What is the meaning of this?"

Saint-Germain: Indeed, dear friend. You are right about the fact that this shadow self is not who you are. There is nothing dark within you that is chasing you, or trying to keep you in fear and guilt.

In Essence, you are not even "light," as many of you perceive this to be. When you expect the light within you to oppose darker thoughts and feelings, you only legitimize the "dark" - making it seem real and powerful, when it is not.

Your real identity - your Divinity - is beyond duality. It is beyond light and dark, black or white. It's without positive or negative attributes, as human beings perceive this to be.

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