Joy and Clarity, "Choosing Life or Death"

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"Choosing Life or Death" - Responding to a friend.

Alexandra and Dan"Choosing Life or Death"
By Alexandra and Dan

The following response was written to a young woman who was contemplating suicide. She had requested help in deciding what to do. Reprinted with permission.

Thank you for your courage in writing to us about your recent experiences, and about wanting to release your trials and your body through death.

I feel it's important to honor our choices, even those we make to exit this world. I also think it's important not to romanticize, mythologize, or otherwise misrepresent death or suicide to ourselves.

Death is a transition from one state of consciousness to another. This passage can be accomplished by releasing the physical body. But it can also be accomplished while we are still living in the body. It's all a matter of choice.

Death happens all the time. Think about it.

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