Saint-Germain, "Your Spiritual Sovereignty."

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Saint-Germain Channeling, "Your Spiritual Sovereignty"

Alexandra and Dan"Your Spiritual Sovereignty"
A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra and Dan

I Am Saint-Germain. As you invite your Soul into greater relationship with the human you, it will speak to you of sovereignty.

Sovereignty can be experienced in many different ways. For some people, being sovereign means being free from the influence of institutions and outside authorities in their lives. For other individuals, it's about having the money, power, or status to satisfy their needs and desires. For others still, sovereignty supports their freedom of choice. What matters most to people like this, is their right to decide what they will (and won't) do with their lives.

Spiritual Sovereignty

When you choose a life of Soul purpose, you will be choosing a life of sovereignty, too. But the sovereignty that you will experience has nothing to do with your political or economic situation. This kind of sovereignty is spiritual in nature.

What does it mean to be spiritually sovereign?

Does it mean that you feel superior to others? That you are more evolved in consciousness than they are? That you have more power, creativity, or authority? Does God enlighten your choices, but not those of another, or make your prayers and petitions the only ones of consequence?

No, it doesn't mean any of these things.

Being spiritually sovereign means only one thing - that you are free of the illusion of being something that you are not.

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