Vote for relationships.

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Thank you for letting us know that you're interested in having a Saint-Germain, online workshop and live channeling about relationships.

We're going to count the votes for all the possible topics and announce the winner very soon. Meanwhile, if you'd like to leave a comment (below), please let us know more specifically the kind of information you'd like to receive about relationships.

Even if your topic is not selected this time, we'll be having more workshops soon and yours could be the next one.

Thanks for your vote!

All the best,

Alexandra & Dan Mahlimay


Anonymous said...

How to open up to people. How to share love. How to accept love. How to overcome trust issues. How to value yourself in relationships.

Alexandra and Dan said...

Thank you dear anonymous friend for writing to us. We appreciate the feedback, and we'd love to consider this information for a future workshop on relationships.

It looks like we will choose between this topic, and the topic of prosperity after we do the workshop on Soul purpose.

Sincerely, Alexandra and Dan

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