Vote for Soul's purpose.

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Thank you for letting us know that you're interested in having a Saint-Germain, online workshop and live channeling about Soul purpose.

We're going to count the votes for all the possible topics and announce the winner very soon. Meanwhile, if you'd like to leave a comment (below), please let us know more specifically the kind of information you'd like to receive about Soul purpose.

Even if your topic is not selected this time, we'll be having more workshops soon and yours could be the next one.

Thanks for your vote!

All the best,

Alexandra & Dan Mahlimay


wolf7491 said...

I would appreciate it if it were possible to listen to an audio recording afterwards.
Thank You.

HanneClaire Fluri said...

Your insights on soul purpose manage to touch a deeper layer in recognition and life's ups and downs than the other issues, that seem more to trigger the soul purpose theme.

Alexandra and Dan said...

Thank you Flip for inquiring about the possibility of having audio recordings. If it should be possible to have something like that after the workshop, we will announce this information to our readers and email subscribers. We don't know in what form and if it's possible soon, but we appreciate your suggestion.

Dear HanneClaire, we appreciate your kind words, and we look forward to having you along with us in one of the coming workshops.

Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan

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