Saint-Germain Workshop and Live Channeling in November

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Joy and Clarity Update, November 2013
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Saint-Germain: "The Soul Purpose of Your Relationships."
Live Channeling and Workshop + Giveaway


Alexandra and Dan Hi Everyone,

We're happy to announce our next Saint-Germain online workshop and live channeling, "The Soul Purpose of Your Relationships."

This event takes place on Saturday, November 16th. For complete details, please go to our website and learn how you can attend.

AND, we are giving away four (4) FREE individual spots to attend this Saint-Germain, online workshop. We will be sending a separate email with the details about this give-away. You can read more about it also on the website!

Lots of love, and hope to see you there!
Alexandra & Dan

Title: "The Soul Purpose of Your Relationships."
Dates: Saturday, November 16th.
Venue: online via Internet

"All relationships serve the purposes of Love.
It can be no other way, for Love is All There Is."

- Saint-Germain

Did you know that your Soul has a purpose for every relationship in your life?

Yes, it's true. Every encounter that you have with another human being has a Higher purpose behind it. Whether you recognize it or not, all your relationships are meant to serve your growth and unfoldment as a being of light and love. If you would you like to know more about the purpose of your significant relationships, then please continue reading, as Saint-Germain and Alexandra will address this subject in our next, online workshop.

What is this workshop with Saint-Germain about?

This online workshop is about:
► Understanding the Soul purpose of your significant relationships.
► Embracing growth and change as part of all your relationships.
► Letting go of your limiting beliefs about being in a relationship.
► Practicing the art of "heart-over-head" in your relationship awareness.
► Learning to live with joy, no matter what the circumstances of your present relationships.

Who should attend this workshop?

You should attend this workshop if you would like to know more about experiencing love, joy and fulfillment in your significant relationships.

When will this workshop be offered?

This online workshop will be offered on
► Saturday, November 16th at 2 pm, U.S. Central Standard Time. (Check your local time.)

If you're ready to join us, continue reading more about the workshop, and how you can attend.

If you are not ready yet to participate in this workshop, you can join us for later events.

It will be great to see you all online.
Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan

Client Services & Channeled Readings

We offer Soul Purpose readings and personal readings with Saint-Germain.

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