Saint-Germain, "Being Decisive and Courageous"

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Joy and Clarity Newsletter, October 2013
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Saint-Germain, "Being Decisive and Courageous"

Alexandra and Dan Being Decisive and Courageous
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

"Dear Saint-Germain, I've always felt unsure of myself. I don't have enough self-confidence to explore or develop the gifts that I have. I'm intelligent and curious about many different things, but I still don't know what I'd be good at doing with my life. Instead, I've chosen to do what I think will please other people, especially my family members. I would like to be more aligned with my Soul's purpose for me, but for the moment I feel quite stuck. Can you help me, please?"

My friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

In this lifetime, your Soul's purpose for you is about learning to apply focus, discipline, and commitment to a field of experience of your choice. But as you know, choosing and then committing also creates challenges for you. The challenge is this: with your intelligent and curious mind, you like lots of broad, varied, and stimulating experiences. And for this reason, you have a tendency to lose your focus, as well as the disciplined follow-through that are required to go deeply into a singular experience of your choosing.

You may also find that you confront significant issues in your life in desiring to be free and independent of others, but also in feeling uncertain about whether you can step away from the shelter, guidance and direction that others - especially family members - have provided for you. These contradictory feelings cause you to swing back-and-forth between feeling overly dependent, and then later needing to break away and be free at all cost.

To counter these tendencies, your Soul is encouraging you to rely more on personal initiative, self-determination and courage. You're being invited to rise to the challenge of choosing a path and then committing to it in spite of your fear or the uncertainty of the outcome. As you begin to exercise your autonomy and independent nature more, rather than falling back into old patterns of dependency upon others, you will become more aligned with your Soul's purpose for you. Then you will not feel that you are being held back by others, or concerned that you must always please them before taking care of your own needs.

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Hint: It's about you and your relationships.
Enough said, or else I spoil her surprise for you. -- Dan

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