Saint-Germain, "Power and Responsibility"

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Joy and Clarity Newsletter, October 2012

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Saint-Germain, "Power and Responsibility"

Alexandra and Dan "Power and Responsibility"
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan
"Dear Saint-Germain, I've always been very perceptive of the feelings of others. When I was a little girl, if I saw another child being treated unkindly, I would find that person another playmate right away. My concern for others has carried over into my adult life. I find that I cannot be truly happy, unless I see that everyone is cared for and feeling good about themselves. Yet, I am afraid of the responsibility. How can I use this sensitivity to help others, without being overwhelmed by the challenges? Thank you."
My good friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

Your Soul's purpose for you in this lifetime is to use your sensitivity and strength of character to help others. But because this is your purpose, you may experience equally powerful insecurities that seem to hold you back and keep you from feeling effective.

For example, part of you may want to step forward and help others who are feeling bad about themselves or disadvantaged in some way; while another part of you may prefer to hold back, fearing how others will judge or perceive you if you intervene. Until you have reconciled this hidden conflict about assuming your personal power and authority in spite of real or perceived opposition, you may find that you undermine your efforts by acting in ways that don't always reflect your true intentions.

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Русский перевод (Russian):
"Проблемы Сердца"
Ченнелинг Сен-Жермена
Translator: Ian Lisakov

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