Saint-Germain, "Living with Integrity"

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Joy and Clarity Newsletter, May 2012
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Saint-Germain, "Living with Integrity"

Alexandra and Dan "Living with Integrity"
A Saint-Germain Channeling
Alexandra and Dan
"Dear Saint-Germain, my family is treating my husband with a total lack of respect. It hurts me to witness this. I've tried to forgive them for their interference in our lives, but I find that I cannot. Their continued negativity and my poor attitude are preventing me from forgiving them and healing this wound. Can you help me?"
Beloved friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

In a very basic way your Soul's purpose in this lifetime is to live in accord with your highest truth and integrity. Since living this way is so very important to you, you are naturally reacting very strongly to your family's inappropriate behavior. They have fallen out of integrity with higher principles, and their actions have made this obvious to you.

You should congratulate yourself for having recognized this, but not give it any more attention or emotional energy. There is little that you can do now without aggravating the situation further and entrenching them more deeply in their mistaken convictions.

Instead, you should focus on yourself for the moment. In particular, you should safeguard yourself from developing equally strong, self-convincing beliefs about the way things are. Your family has made this mistake already; and while they are defending their positions with pride and zeal, their hearts are secretly suffering for it.

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Español (Spanish):
"¿Debería Ser el Matrimonio un Sacrificio?"
Una Canalización de Saint-Germain
Translator: Maribel Gonzalez

日本語訳 (Japanese):
1. 「結婚とは、犠牲でなければならないのか?」
2. 「あなたは、将来を心配していますか?」 
Translator: Yumi Shigaki

Русский перевод (Russian):
"Обязательно ли в браке жертвовать собой"
Ченнелинг Сен-Жермена
Translator: Ian Lisakov

Suomi (Finnish):
"Pitäisikö avioliiton olla uhrautumista?"
Saint-Germain -Kanavoiniti
Translator: Pirjo Laine

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