Saint-Germain, "Dependency, Blocked Energy and Soul Purpose"

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Joy & Clarity Newsletter, November 2011

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Latest Saint-Germain Channeling
"Dependency, Blocked Energy, and Your Soul's Purpose"


Alexandra and Dan "Dependency, Blocked Energy, and Your Soul's Purpose"
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

"Dear Saint-Germain, a few weeks ago, a relationship I really wanted came to an end. I liked this man in ways that I thought I never could. But he wasn't interested in me. I'm getting through it by loving myself as I had wanted him to love me. This has happened to me so many times, that I must be sabotaging myself. Other areas are not working, too, especially money. At the moment, I'm feeling so stuck that I don't know what to do. Can you help me, please?" 

My dear friend, I AM Saint-Germain. One of the main reasons that you are here in this lifetime is to express creativity, spontaneity and inspiration. This is an important part of your Soul's purpose for you. However, if you depend too much on a partner who is going to support you and make you feel safe in the world, then you may not develop these qualities that your Soul is encouraging you to experience now.

You say that you'd like a loving relationship in your life and that you're ready for a lasting commitment. But even so, your partners never seem to commit themselves, as you are prepared to do. One of the things that you may need to ask yourself now is, why is this happening?

I want to suggest the reason that you may feel blocked or stuck. This "stuckness" is about engaging your Soul's purpose for you. It's about learning to express your creative independence. This life calling is very strong in you. Yet, your self-doubt and wavering confidence hold you back, so that you unconsciously compensate for this through your relationships.

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Español (Spanish):
"¿Cómo Se Le Sirve a las Verdades Más Elevadas?"
Una Canalización de Saint-Germain
Translator: Maribel Gonzalez

Русский перевод (Russian):
"Как учить Высшей Истине?"
Ченнелинг Сен-Жермена
Translator: Ian Lisakov

Suomi (Finnish):
"Miten opetetaan korkeampia totuuksia?"
Saint-Germain -Kanavoiniti
Translator: Pirjo Laine

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