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Hi Everyone,

We would like to share some happy news with you: We were recently married! If you'd like to see pictures from our wedding and celebration, we've put together two slide shows for you to view.

Thanks for sharing these moments with us.

Much love to you all,

Dan and Alexandra

We were married in Romania on August 8th, 2008.

Our wedding was a simple, civil ceremony at City Hall in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We were accompanied by friends, family, and flowers, as you can see from these photographs. After the ceremony, we went back to our home (currently with Alex's parents) where we had a nice lunch in the garden and toasted our good fortune with our guests.

Our wedding celebration took place on August 23rd, 2008, also in Romania.

The party! What can be said? We all had a great time. We were joined by a good friend, Jane, from Scotland, and many friends and relatives from around Transylvania, Romania. Our celebration was held at a small lodge and restaurant outside of Cluj. We ate, danced, and talked for the better part of eight hours. It was a delightful gathering and a blessed moment.

We hope you've enjoyed these photographs as much as we've enjoyed sharing them with you.

Lots of love!

Alexandra and Dan


Ann Callaghan said...

Congratulations to you both, although I haven't got to meet you yet I hope I do someday. Lots love,
Ann from Ireland

Dan and Alex said...

Thank you, Ann!

We're still planning to get over to Ireland. We'll see about hopping over after we've visited Jane in Scotland next year.

Much love,

Dan and Alex

nane said...

so which one of you is joy and who' s clarity????
dear alex+ dan i wish you all the best in every moment... more than you can imagine... and some rock+ roll!
chocolate kisses,

Allysho said...

Awesome! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the photos - I feel like I was there watching the love dance in your eyes...



Ally (Australia)

Halil said...

Nice pics. thanks for sharing them with us. Seems like you've had some great time.
Wishing you a nice and enriching experience together....
Halil & Ozlem

Lainey said...

Congratulations, Dan & Alex!!

Lots of love from Canada,

Mark Silver said...

Congratulations, you two! And thank you for letting me know- how thrilling to be able to celebrate with you.

And, I was definitely celebrating that day- August 23rd is my birthday. So here's to mutual celebration! Woo-hoo! I wish you two the best in your life together.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! What a gorgeous couple! That must be some camera to! I have never seen such detail and color! Luv, Danielle

Yezel said...

felicidadesssssssssss les escribo en espa├▒ol jejeje gracias por ser y estar y compartir!!!

amor libertad y alegriaaaa

saludos desde mexico

Dan and Alex said...

Hello Nane, Ally, Halil, Ozlem, Lainey, Mark, Danielle, and Yezel...

Nane: Thanks for the well wishes. I think the joy and the clarity are evenly distributed between the two of us. Wow! Chocolate kisses are fantastic. Thanks.

Ally: You're welcome. You're right about the "love". It was a magical moment. How's the Land of Oz these days?

Halil and Ozlem: Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. Yes, we had an outstanding time. Hope to see you in Turkey someday.

Lainey: Hi, and thank you. Canada is on our wish list for our upcoming visit to North America. We hope to see Ziggy and Maureen near Banff. Where are you?

Mark: Happy Birthday! Thanks for visiting us here. It's good to see you. We wish you all the best with the Heart of Business. It's great material

Danielle: Thank you for the well wishes and for the compliments on the photos. We took most of them in between our moments of celebration. The camera isn't especially high-tech. The moment was just "glowing". ;-)

Yezel: Gracias por habernos visitado aqui y por tus deseos tan lindos. Uno de nosotros (Dan) vivia en Xalapa, Mexico y con recuerdos inolvidables.

Wilda said...

Alex and Dan,

Hey, I'm happy for you both. I went back in time and joined your celebration.

Dan, you kind of look different in a tie, ha! ha! Just pulling your leg.

Cheers to you both.



Maluna said...

Dearest Alex and Dan,

Congratulations from my heart to your.

Keep celebrating life!

with Love,
Maluna (dk)

Rupert Davis said...

beautiful pictures and feelings of joy

congratulations and celebrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love, rupert

Bodil said...

Dear Alex and Dan

What a wonderful sharing of your wedding and celebration.
Congratulations, I wish you a joyful and magical life together.

Lots of Love,
Bodil from Denmark

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and Alex,
Thank you for sharing the wedding picture. What a joyful celebration!
All the best to both of you.

Lots of love,

Dan and Alexandra said...

Wilda, Maluna, Rupert, Bodil and Tsu,

Thank you for your kind words and well-wishes for us. They are greatly appreciated.

Wilda, thanks for noticing the tie. It's the first tie I've owned and worn in ten years! Good to hear from you. How is Oz?

Maluna, we are happy to hear from you. Which part of the globe are you now? Thailand? Denmark? Somewhere else?

Rupert, thanks for the compliments about the photos. We're glad that others can feel our joy through these pictures. This is what we wanted to share.

Bodil, how are you doing? It would be lovely to see you again in Denmark.

Tsu, thanks as always for your kindness. Where are you from and where are you living now?

Lots of love,

Dan and Alexandra

Igriva Vila said...

WooHoo! Congratulations! I wish you very very happy and magical time together!

Rolanda from sLOVEnia

Dan and Alexandra said...

Thank you, Rolanda! We hope to see Slovenia soon.

Much love,

Dan and Alex

piringundin-pintin said...

muchas felicidades ¡¡¡ luzzz de mateoh

Dan and Alex said...

Gracias Mate-oh por tu felicidades.

Abrazos de dos amigos de los árboles,

Alex y Dan

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