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Thank you for letting us know that you're interested in having a Saint-Germain, online workshop and live channeling about a topic that wasn't presented in the voting list.

If you'd like to leave a comment (below), please let us know more specifically the kind of information you'd like to receive. We're going to count the votes for all the possible topics and announce the winner very soon.

Even if your topic is not selected this time, we'll be having more workshops soon and yours could be the next one.

Thanks for your vote!

All the best,

Alexandra & Dan Mahlimay


Amy Powell said...

Dear Alexandra, St. Germain as the Chohan of the 7th Ray has specifically taught us to use the Violet Flame and the use of sacred Decrees for the Ascension of our souls. I would like to attend a workshop on these topics. Please ask Him. Thank you. ~Amy

Knut Alten said...

Should we live from the Heart or the mind or both?

Anonymous said...

Millions are suffering from mental illness and alcohol and drug addiction around the world. This is not a popular topic, but I would love to have St. Germain talk about the cause and the cure on these problems.
Mental illness is being treated like in the middle ages using drugs with horrible side effects, and so many people are unable to overcome their addiction. Often Rehabs only serve the wealthy.
Does the soul decide to go through this rough process, and are there any benefits?
Tha nk you very much:

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ (Lord Sananda) was the world teacher for the last 2 thousand years on Earth, whether it becomes valid for a new era of the Golden Age the world teacher is also St.Germain?
Thank You.

Tetsje op den Dries said...

Hello dear all, I wonder why there are insects, virusses and bacteria that can make a bodily form suffer and even die? And do we only experience these things when in a lower vibration or do they also exist in let's say the 5th dimension? I understand I and we create the world we live in. Why the creation of these insects, virusses and bacteria? Just wanting to understand more about creation. Love you all, Tetsje op den Dries

Anonymous said...

my greatest interest lies in the highest awareness of enlightenment and ascension!! of which my path is continually engaing! anything feeding this is most welcome!

Alexandra and Dan said...

Thank you all for writing to us. We appreciate very much your comments and your questions. We would love to address each one of them, as it is possible to do so. We will first do a workshop on Soul purpose, and see what we can incorporate of the questions here in future workshops.
We truly appreciate your feedback.
Lots of love from us, Alexandra and Dan

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