Vote for prosperity/money.

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Thank you for letting us know that you're interested in having a Saint-Germain, online workshop and live channeling about prosperity/money.

We're going to count the votes for all the possible topics and announce the winner very soon. Meanwhile, if you'd like to leave a comment (below), please let us know more specifically the kind of information you'd like to receive about prosperity/money.

Even if your topic is not selected this time, we'll be having more workshops soon and yours could be the next one.

Thanks for your vote!

All the best,

Alexandra & Dan Mahlimay


William Sterling said...

I'd like to discuss ways to flow ease and allowing in every part of our experience to help us manifest ease and allowing in our 3d manifestation of prosperity and abundance too. I hope this makes sense. Looks like if I just focus on abundance in finance and don't also provide ways for me to brng wholeness and balance and ascension allowance into every 'comparatment' where I live and experience, I impede abundance in money and economic ease. Thanks.

Claire Berube said...

Actually, Alexandra and Dan, all your workshops appealed to me and I would have enjoyed any one of them. Except that you asked us to choose and right at this moment, financial abundance is my main worry and preoccupation... Looking forward to seeing you online with St-Germain.

Alexandra and Dan said...

Thank you dear William for the questions you've asked. They make perfect sense, and we could include them into our workshop.

Claire, we'd love to see you online, too. As the voting showed, first we will do a workshop on Soul purpose, but this topic is also popular, so we will work at creating one about this topic, soon too.

Lots of love to everyone,
Alexandra and Dan

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