Saint-Germain, "Master Creators in the Making."

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"Master Creators in the Making"
A Saint-Germain and Kuthumi Channeling

Alexandra and Dan"Master Creators in the Making"
A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra and Dan

My friend, I AM Saint-Germain. When you dare to blend with your Soul in this lifetime, you express the Truth About You. You acknowledge that You Are God, also, and that you are willing to live your life that way.

Neither a statement of false pride, nor spiritual superiority - it is the simple, earnest recognition that you are the Source and author of your own life. It is a declaration of your mastery, and a marvelous leap forward in your awareness. When you take this step, you recognize that you are an individualized focus of Self consciousness within the greater life of the God Source - uniquely you, but God, also.

Resolving this paradox in your mind is a sign of mastery. You now understand that all of God's power is vested within you. And because of this, you know that you can create realities, love them, and experience them fully - just as God does. This IS mastery.

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