"Our September Birthday Harvest."

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September is a time to prepare the harvest and to get ready for the coming winter, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere.

For us -- Dan and Alexandra -- it is also a time to celebrate our birthdays!

This year we've been blessed with a beautiful month of September in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where we live. Recently, we took some photographs of the harvest our garden is giving us.

We also took photos of us on our birthdays, and downtown while we were celebrating. It was great to "play tourist" in Cluj. It helped us to appreciate better the place we live. We'd like to share this time that we enjoyed, so here is a Slide Show of our pictures. We welcome your comments on our website. Enjoy!

Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan


Donald Chittick said...

Beautiful photos - Happy Birthday! (I know it's now October, but it's never too late to celebrate :-)


Joy and Clarity said...

Thanks, Don. We appreciate it.

Much love from us,

Dan & Alexandra

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