"Spiritual Alchemy Workshop and Retreat Pictures"

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Here are some pictures from our Spiritual Alchemy Workshop and Retreat, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, between July 11 and 16.

Enjoy! And please, share your comments with us.

Lots of love,

Alexandra and Dan

P.S. Please wait a few moments for the slide show to load completely.


Constance said...

How the sun was shining! During the workshop in Cluj it shone in our hearts as it rained outside -
but the mountain retreat was sublime sunshine from beginning to end!
Seeing the sideshow,I am back there with you!
It was unforgettable and the friendship between us all will last forever.

Anonymous said...

This looks so sunny and relaxing and content. And reminds me of my time there! I was there!! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this experience. Love you guys!

J xxx

Alex and Dan said...

Dear Constance,

It was great to have you here, with us. It was indeed unforgettable, and we are happy to have a new friend in our lives.


Alex and Dan

Alex and Dan said...

Hey dear Jane,

It was great to have you with us in the mountains of Racatau last year.
It's been a year since you were here with us, also at our wedding.

This year, we got to take another bath in the river. Well, Dan did.

And the people were so sweet in the village as always.

Alex and Dan

Nazar Fedunkiv said...

Nice photos!

Dan and Alex said...

Hi Nazar. Thanks for stopping my and visiting us, here.

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