"Deconstructing the Old, Birthing the New" - A Saint-Germain Channel

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"Deconstructing the Old, Birthing the New"
A Saint-Germain Channel With Archangel Raphael
By Alexandra and Dan
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The following question comes from a personal reading for a client with Saint-Germain. We hope you find it helpful. Reprinted with client's permission.

Our beloved friend, here we are, your Angelic Team, together with Saint-Germain, and the Archangel you know as Raphael. We are joining you in this moment of truth, along with your God Self, your Soul, and the very precious Human You.

These past weeks and months have indeed been challenging for you. They have challenged your beliefs about who you are, and about your spirituality and your life.

There has been a major change in your life, a change in which you’ve let go of all the belief systems that were no longer serving you. By doing this, you’ve let go of yourself. We mean to say that when you let go of yourself, you were releasing control over the Human You and your creations.

So what happens when you let go of yourself? The Human You lets go of the Old and starts recreating its energetic existence. This means that the Human You may feel challenged by the many different "aspects" of its presence here on Earth.

Specifically, the Human You begins to feel challenged about everything it once believed was you; with the sub-personalities that your ego used in the past to define your identity.

For example, if you once considered yourself to be a good partner because you complied with certain criteria – because you did “this” or felt “that” – please know that recent transformations in your energetic existence have broken down these old structures, these old beliefs. As a consequence, the Human You no longer knows what it means to be a “good partner”.

These transformations have led the Human You to reconsider the way it acts, not only with a partner, but also in relationship with others – and most importantly, in relationship with yourself.

You have also experienced the collapsing of structures in other areas of your life.

For example, as you look at your financial situation, you find yourself in a place where you question how to bring abundance into your life. The old way doesn’t make sense, nor are you sure how the New Way will work.

Perhaps until recently, you believed you were about to bring abundance into your life. But suddenly you discovered that the structures you’ve worked with for so long, were no longer serving you as they once did. Even more disconcerting, you watch as these beliefs and structures fall apart before your eyes. This leaves you, once again, with the question you thought you’d finally come to understand, “What does it really mean to be abundant?”

All of this deconstructing has brought you to the verge of questioning your spiritual path. Are you on it or not? Yes, you’ve even come to doubt whether you are spiritual or not.

You have doubted, and still doubt, your ability, capacity, and strength to continue onward. Recent experiences have left you feeling quite empty, disoriented, and confused – and with no clue about what’s coming next.

So how are you feeling now? This is a lot of information, so why don’t we take a moment now and breathe?



So now, let’s change our perspective.

You’ve probably already heard, even if parts of you didn’t believe it, that the Human You is about to step into a New World. How do you feel when you hear this statement?

Do you have feelings about this, or are your worries distracting you from this deeper knowing?

Let’s try something.

Relax, breathe deeply – and once you feel settled and calm, ask yourself how you really feel about this?

Are you ready to welcome these Big Changes into your life, or does this just feel like another leap into the unknown?

We are asking you to be still now, and feel within.

Do you really believe this is just another leap of faith into the darkness? Or could something else be going on? Ask yourself this.

Perhaps this is not about leaping into the unknown at all. Perhaps it’s not about throwing yourself into a process that seems to go on and on. Maybe you’re done with that.

Perhaps you’re no longer climbing the ladder of spiritual growth and attainment, hoping to reach the top. Maybe your climb is over.

If not, and you feel you are still climbing; then perhaps you should question the nature of your ascent.

Ask yourself truthfully: Are the rungs of this ladder necessary?

Are they even real? Or do they just seem to materialize out of nowhere, every time you slip into self-doubt again? Every time you feel you’re not good enough, or believe you haven’t done enough to deserve a wonderful life?

Could this be the case? Ask yourself this.

Perhaps there’s no ladder at all. Have you ever stopped to consider this? How would this information change your world?

Look around and see where you find yourself. Are you done with this work? Are you ready now to be done? – Because this is what the “falling apart” in your life has been about in recent weeks and months.

You’ve let yourself; or rather, you’ve allowed your Soul to start an extensive process of deconstruction in order to bring into this world from the depths of your Being, the New You. This New You will be birthed in a matter of weeks, not years.

Give yourself over to the spontaneity of this birthing, instead of exhausting yourself by “willing” things to progress. If you do so, you will find a New Freedom of Expression – in the relationships you have with yourself and others, in your experiences of deeper abundance, and in the way your body begins to move and function in healthier, more balanced ways.

All of these things will appear more frequently in your life, and with greater stability, as you continue embodying the New You. And rest assured, this transition into the New You will be very natural. It will not require work, effort, or struggle on your part. You will merely stay centered, holding a focus on the New You that you are inviting into your life.

Just allow the New You to emerge into this reality. Allow the birthing you have made possible through your choices and desires.

Remember, dearest one, you are supported and loved beyond measure. Know that you are doing fine and that we are always at your side.

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