"What Is My Path: Traveling Alone or In Company?" - A Saint-Germain Channeling

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What Is My Path: Traveling Alone or In Company?
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

Dear Saint-Germain,

I have a huge need for introspection and a growing desire to learn more about my mind, and how I can find peace with it. I often feel insecure when people tell me that I will not be able to mature, and grow spiritually, if I do not have a teacher. But I feel that I cannot find a teacher whom I really trust, and who inspires me. I often think I might be too skeptic, and I am afraid to be fooled by my own critical ego that sometimes does not want to acknowledge the authority of others. Then again I feel confident that I can trust my intuition when it says that something is not what I am looking for.

Also, sometimes I have conflicts with people who tell me that I am too self-consumed. But when I focus on myself, what I really want is to find the place within myself that is free from fear and desire, and knows the answer to the questions I’ve always had. I’m feeling insecure about what to do to find this place, and if this is maybe a futile goal, as long as I haven’t found a spiritual teacher whom I really trust. And again I am afraid I might never find one, because I am too hesitant to get myself into a spiritual practice for the fear of 'wasting time' on something that is not what I am looking for.

I yearn to come to a place of peace with myself and the world. With much gratitude, thank you.

I AM Saint-Germain. Indeed, here you are dear friend. Sitting by yourself with your angels and guides by your side, all in silence, and you have this chance to really connect and receive the answer to your questions.

We could approach your question from different angles, and we will always reach the same point. The question is not whether you will attain your goal by yourself only, or with the help of a teacher. The real question is, whether you want to travel alone, or do you really want to have companions?

You probably will feel resonance when we say that many times you find yourself in groups, or in the company of other people, and you cringe when you see how the energy in those situations seems to dissipate, to lose focus, and to become "too silly." You begin to feel that the people are not really focused on the spiritual goal, and so the situation becomes trivial to you. At other times you can observe the use of manipulation and even attacks in such groups, and this leaves you to feel disappointed.

This lead you to believe that such an environment of a group doesn't work for you. It doesn't work, because you want to continue very focused on your path. You want to know that you are on the right track, and that nobody will interfere with your journey.

Also, through the past experiences, you've learned that not all teachers are to be trusted. Some invite you into their lives to take advantage of your personal energy and power, and you've been left many times with a feeling of being depleted and devastated.

Then how can you trust a teacher, a group, or a small community to help you in any way in your journey? You've learned to be a loner, and to travel on your own. Because on your own, at least you can't blame anyone else but yourself for any mistakes, or failures. It is easier to control the outcome, and to have a hold of your journey.

But you do miss companionship. You miss being with others like yourself, who can respond to the same desire for truth, peace and self-awareness. All while staying independent, committed AND sharing friendship.

You ask yourself... is this even possible? Well, first you have to be open to this opportunity to be available for you. If you are not open to this, then you won't even notice when such events do become available. And you might even dismiss them immediately, or sometimes you will completely be unaware that such groups actually exist.

What can you do then?

First you need to look at these questions: do you still prefer to travel solo, or would you enjoy companionship right now? Be completely honest with yourself, and allow the answer to become visible to you, in very obvious ways.

Once you have the answer, you can make your decision. Whatever that decision might be, you will have to be committed to that path. You can reach the goal both on your own, or with a teacher that will come to you. You will know it when that is the case. You and the teacher will find each other. And then you have to commit to your journey, as it unfolds for you.

From then on, no matter what others will have to say, whether it is that you can't do it on your own, or the teacher you found is not the right one, all of that will not matter. And it won't matter because you have changed your frame of mind, and you have completely surrendered to your journey, and not to the voice of your mind, who is talking you into feeling insecure.

Everything you've heard from others is just the reflection of your mind's need to control your journey, and that's why you feel insecure. You've let your mind lead you on a path of insecurity. But as soon as you've made your decision, the mind won't be able to continue with the same behavior, and it won't matter what others will say. They will go about their own world, and you will know what is right for you.

Choose your way, and you will choose your journey. Have faith that you can do whatever you want to do. With or without the physical help in this world. You still have the help and guidance from the Angels of course, and you know that we all stand by your side.

Explore this for yourself, and explore what it does to you to know that you can choose either of the two paths. Is any one of those more joyful, and it is offering you greater support for the human you? Is any one of the two choices the path that you may want to walk for a short time, and then choose a different one?

The opportunities are there for you. Just explore, and see which one is the right one for you now, and then move ahead and take action. Lingering in this place of not knowing makes it much harder for you to continue on your journey than if you were to take a certain direction. When you are taking one course of action, then the Universe starts bringing to you everything in accordance to what you have been asking for. If you are still waiting... well, then the Universe might wait with you along. What will you do now?

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.

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