Your Forecast Reading (1 year or 6 months)

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Thank you for your interest. We are currently not offering the Forecast Reading.

Astrological Forecast & Channeling.
Explore the upcoming potentials for your life.
In a forecast reading with Saint-Germain, you will get an in-depth look at the coming months from the spiritual and astrological perspectives.

Alexandra will channel Saint-Germain's guidance about the issues that matter most to you, while Dan will add his insight based upon your natal astrology, transits and progressions.

There are two ways to participate:
► 6-month forecast reading (option 1)
► Yearly forecast reading (option 2)

Option 1
6-month Forecast with Saint-Germain.

Purchase the 6-month forecast and you receive:
► 20 minute message from Saint-Germain.
(mp3 audio file), Value: $80
► 15 minute review of the next 6 months, based on your natal astrology, transits and progressions.
(mp3 audio file), Value: $90
Total value: $170 USD.
You pay only $100 USD.
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Option 2
Yearly Forecast with Saint-Germain.

Purchase the yearly forecast and you will receive:
► 20 minute message from Saint-Germain.
(mp3 audio file) Value: $80
► 45 minute review of the next year, as revealed by your natal astrology, transits and progressions.
(mp3 audio file), Value: $220
Total value: $300 USD.
You pay only $170 USD.
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What we need from you to do your session:
- Your gender, birth date, birth place, and birth time (if known).
- A paragraph from you, identifying a question you would like to focus upon in your forecast.
- We'll contact you by email to get your birth information and paragraph, after receiving your payment.

We normally return a completed session within two weeks of receiving your question.

Refunds. If you need to cancel your session, please contact us by email within 48 hours of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your payment. Please send your questions to us in a reasonable amount of time, too. If we haven't received your questions within 45 days of purchase, then we may have to cancel your session without a refund.

About transits and progressions. Astrologers investigate coming events in a client's life using transits and progressions. A transit considers the changing position of the planets in the sky, relative to their fixed position in the birth chart. A progression involves advancing the planets one day of orbital motion for each year of a person's life, and then comparing this shift to the natal position. Transits are typically used to look at the effects of the slower-moving, outer planets -- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Progressions are used to look at the influence of the Sun, Moon, and the faster-moving planets -- Mercury, Venus, and Mars.
Shifting your energies from 2011 to 2012!
A personal forecast can help you. >>

► Pluto in Capricorn is ending abuses of power, and things that do not serve the greater good.
► Uranus in Aries, urges new beginnings. Jupiter accompanies it, adding enthusiasm.
► Saturn in Libra promotes social responsibility, fairness, justice, and commitment to a equality.
► Neptune in Pisces brings heightened spiritual awareness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Governments and institutions will continue to feel the impact of Pluto in Capricorn. This sometimes ruthless agent of transformation is demanding reforms in banking, credit, and monetary practices. If this is not forthcoming, it will bring an end to all those who are abusing their positions of authority.

Uranus enters Aries, ushering the possibility for unexpected, but also innovative and courageous solutions to global problems. Jupiter accompanies Uranus, adding much hope and optimism, too.

However, even with the planetary blessings of Jupiter, there is also the potential for continued acts of aggression, warfare, and belligerence with this Arian activation by Uranus.

What will counter-balance the threat? The likely candidate is the steady presence of Saturn in Libra.

Saturn brings wisdom to all matters. Because it is exalted in Libra, anything dealing with fairness, dialogue, and diplomacy is favored.

Neptune is just beginning it's 14-year sojourn through Pisces in 2011. It's presence there offers humanity the greatest possibility for lasting peace and a global spiritual awakening.

But don't expect instant results. Neptune works in mysterious ways. Nevertheless, support from the asteroid, Chiron, also entering Pisces, furthers tolerance and healing.

If you would like to know how these potentials might affect you on a personal level, then we encourage you to invest in a forecast reading with Saint-Germain. In this reading, we combine astrological insight with channeled guidance to give you a comprehensive look at the coming months of your life.

Client testimonial:

G.W. from Australia

"Hi Alexandra and Dan, I am just sending a big hug and thank you for my reading.

"The information you have given me is extremely helpful, and I am very grateful for the time you have given, and the valuable advice you have passed on. Once again thank you to you both!"

A.B. from Romania

"Your session helped me so much to understand what's happening right now in my life, and what areas I need to be focusing on in the coming year.

"I've been wondering about some things, and then they showed up in the channeling that I had with Saint-Germain. They were also given lots of clear and practical detail during the astrological part of the reading. It was very helpful.

"Thank you for making this available to me. I'm sure that I will refer to it again many times in the coming months."

D.S. from United States

"Dan was spot on with his astrological reading, and Alexandra's channeling hit so close to home and was so accurate. So I wanted to tell you both again: It was very accurate, clarifying and helpful.

"Thank you both for your very excellent work and thank you too, St Germain!"

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