Relationship Readings with Saint-Germain

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Thanks for your interest. We are currently not offering the Relationship Reading.

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All relationships stand in service to love.

You embody the Creator's Will-to-Love, and because you do, loving someone is part of your nature. It's why you seek relationships in the first place. This means that all your relationships stand in service to the higher purposes of love, without exception.

Would you like to understand the higher purpose of an important relationship in your life? Then please consider having a reading with Saint-Germain. It lets you ask questions about the people you care about.

Relationship readings can be done for any two people. It doesn't matter whether you are marriage partners, romantic partners, business partners, parent and child, or just friends.

With a relationship reading, you can always count on Saint-Germain's contribution to be supportive and insightful. It will be greatly complemented by the kindness and compassion that Alexandra brings to the readings. Your own guides and the presence of your Soul will likely contribute to the session, too.

The astrological techniques that Dan will use include important indicators of your relationship situation, plus a look at the composite chart, the Davison relationship chart, and the synastry between you and the other person.

When you participate, here's what you will receive:
- 20 minute review of your relationship situation, as revealed by your astrological charts. Read more
(mp3 download), Value: $160 USD [cost/min. higher than other sessions because 2 people's charts are involved.]
- 20 minute message from Saint-Germain about the specific relationship question that you have asked.
(mp3 download), Value: $80 USD

This session has a total value of $240 USD.
But you pay only $120 USD.

What we need from you to do your session:
- Your gender, birth date, birth place, and birth time (if known).
- Your partner's gender, birth date, birth place, and birth time ( if known).
- A paragraph from you, identifying the question you would like to address in your session.
- We'll contact you by email to get your birth information and question, after receiving your payment.

We normally return a completed session within two weeks of receiving your question.

Relationship Reading with Saint-Germain
Channeling and astrological report.
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Refunds. If you need to cancel your session, please contact us by email within 48 hours of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your payment. Please send your questions to us in a reasonable amount of time, too. If we haven't received your questions within 45 days of purchase, then we may have to cancel your session without a refund.

About relationship astrology. Astrologers typically investigate relationships by looking at the birth charts of the two people being considered. In addition, they examine the composite chart, the Davison relationship chart, and the synastry between the two individual charts. Your relationship reading will use all of these.

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