"You Are the Perfect Companion." - A Saint-Germain Channeling Broadcast

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“You Are the Perfect Companion.”
A Saint-Germain Channeling Webcast
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

“You are the Perfect Companion to the One Creator. As a spirit being, you have been created to share in the love and joy of creating along with God. You are here to help the Creator extend creation, as the Perfect Partner.” Saint-Germain

Many of you have written to us, expressing how difficult it is for you to make choices about what to do with your lives now. There is so much that is happening. You are looking for a sense of Higher Purpose, as well as purposeful activity in your life. This three-part series (March, April, May, 2010) from our Saint-Germain channeling broadcast is here to help you with this.

Part 1: Your Soul's Choices

Hello, everyone. We are Alexandra and Dan. Welcome to our March channeling broadcast and part 1 of our series on Soul Choices.

Yes, getting yourself focused can feel like a major hurdle. We know. It's no different for us. Instead of feeling self-confident, and finding the courage to move forward, you can find yourself struggling with confusion; and at times your fears can seem almost insurmountable.

So what can you do? You ask yourselves this... and this is good. Questioning yourself can be a useful thing, if you don't attach to it emotionally. The problem is this; the more you question yourself without coming to a sense of resolution, the more likely you are to feel lost and discouraged. It becomes a cycle of of negative reinforcement, and you're caught in the middle of it.

If you continue along this path, then before long, you may start to blame yourself. You may accuse yourself of being indecisive... thinking that you are unable to use your talents, creativity, and enthusiasm to make a difference in the world, in your life, and in the life of others.

Today, we are going to help you with this. Today we are going to begin an exploration of higher purpose, choice and decision. And with Saint-Germain's help, and the help of the many guides who are working with all of us, we're going to start moving forward again.

In the coming days and months, you're going to start seeing results. You're going to see results because you're going to better understand how your experiences in life are chosen, and you're going to see how you can make decisions that support those choices.

You see, there is a difference between choices and decisions that may not be apparent at first.

- What Is the Difference Between Soul Choices and Human Decisions? -

In an earlier channeling, Saint-Germain and Jeshua told us that it is very important to make this distinction. We're going to explore this difference with you now. Here is what they had to say at that time...

“We would like to talk to you about the difference between choices and decisions. What is that difference? It is simply this...Choices are made by your Soul, while the decisions that you make as a human being can support these or not...Yes, choices are made by your Soul, while decisions are made by the human you. Here is why it is important to draw this distinction...Here is how we would explain it.

“Your Soul has made choices to experience certain attributes of its Being, while incarnating as you. The earth plane is about experiencing your Soul's Choices. That is why you are here. You ARE your Soul, having a human experience of Its Choices here on Earth.

“Let's suppose your Soul has chosen to experience the part of Its Being called Trust and Innocence in this lifetime. To do this, It incarnates as you - then allows you to express these qualities through your decisions and actions. Your Soul comes to know the experience of Innocence and Trust, as you become more innocent and trusting in your dealings with others. This is how the human you collaborates with your Soul, its Divine Counterpart.

“Sometimes the human you decides not to align with a Soul-level Choice. You can always say 'no' to what the Soul offers. Your decision not to participate is always respected, just as your alignment is also honored. There is no judgment in either case. Only Love, for that is what the Soul is.

“But your Soul does rejoice every time you decide to cooperate with its Choices. Your Soul rejoices, and you feel glad. The truth is that any time you feel joy, it is evidence you have aligned your personal decisions with the Choices of your Soul. The fundamental decision confronting you is this, 'How will I express what my Soul has already chosen to experience?'”

And what has your Soul chosen, you ask? This is a topic that we'll be exploring during our next few channeling broadcasts with Saint-Germain. We'll tell you how Soul Choices are made, what they're ultimately about, and how you can best align your human decisions to support the choices that your Soul has already made for its experiences as you, in this lifetime.

Starting with today's March channeling, Saint-Germain will help all of us to understand how we can prepare ourselves for this great adventure in co-creation, for there really is a partnering involved when human decisions are aligned with Soul Choices...

Part 2: God's Will for You

Hello again. We're Alexandra and Dan. Last month in our March channeling broadcast, we told you that we were going to talk to you about Soul Choices: What they are, how they are made, and how you can best align your human decisions to support them. Today in part 2 of this series, we're going to go a little further.

- Why Does Your Soul Make Choices? -

You see, all of your Soul's Choices represent its desire to experience its Divinity, while incarnating as you, in this lifetime. So, when you align your human decisions with your Soul's Choices, you are helping it -- and yourself – to experience your Divinity. Remember, there's a difference between knowing that you are Divine, and experiencing it. The Soul knows its Divinity, but it wants to experience it, too; and then carry these experiences back to God, the Creator of Love, and All That Is.

The Soul communicates these experiences to God through the Spirit Being that you are. This is sometimes called your Higher Self, your I AM presence, or your God Self. They're all the same thing, really. Your Spirit is just a higher octave or expression of your Divinity, than your Soul is. You see, God first created Spirit, or the many Higher Selves of us all. Then Spirit gave rise to the many Souls; and then the many Souls created us, their human incarnations. It's a wonderful and fantastic chain of interconnected Being.

Now here's an interesting thing to consider:

The Infinite Creator God, your Higher Self, your Soul self, and the human you, are all one-and-the-same Being. All of you are God, also. That's right, each of you are part of that same Being – the All That Is.

Each of these expressions is an embodiment of you, as you exist at different levels of your Being... from the Infinite to the finite; from the heavenly to the earthly; from the spiritual to the material; and from the unmanifested to the manifested. It's all YOU! That's right. You are All That IS. You exist at each of these radically different, but interpenetrating levels of power, expression, and awareness.

God's Will for all its creations, is for each of them to acquire a unique focus, meaning, and individual identity within the vastness of All Creation. They do this through having experiences that are aligned with an awareness of their Divinity. Remember, there's a difference between knowing you are Divine, and making this knowledge your own through direct experience.

How does this all work? Well, it's more complicated than any of us can really comprehend. But we can understand it better if we keep the following in mind.

As the human you make decisions to have experiences that are aligned with your Soul's Choice, then you become more Soul-like in expressing your Divinity as a human being. In the same way, as your Soul has aligns its human incarnations with its Higher Self's wish to know God, then it -- and you -- become more Spirit-like in your embodiment of Divinity. And finally, as your Higher Self gathers experiences from the lives and incarnations of its many Soul selves, and their human counterparts, then it fulfills the Will of God.

Remember, God's Will for all its creations is for them to acquire a unique focus, meaning, and individual identity within the vastness of God's Love, which is All There Is.

In April's channeling today, Saint-Germain is going to help you open up clear lines of communication with your Soul and Higher Self, so that your experience of Divinity can be aligned in the best way possible for you. It's great to be able to understand how this all works -- how the human you, the Soul, the Higher Self, and God are all interconnected. But the most important thing for you now, is making it work in your daily live. And this means learning how to make decisions that reflect, as clearly as possible, your Soul's Choice to experience its Divinity, while incarnating as you on Earth...

Part 3: Your Free-Will Decisions

Hello, everybody. We're Alexandra and Dan, and we're glad that you are here with us now for part 3 of our series. In April's channeling broadcast last month, you might remember that we talked to you about something that is fundamentally important to understanding your Soul's Purpose and Choices. We talked about the different levels or expressions of Being That You Are.

You see, God the Absolute Creator, your Higher Self, your Soul self, and the human you, are all one-and-the-same Being. All of you are God, also. That's right, each of you are part of that same Being – the All That Is. Each of these expressions is an embodiment of you, as you exist at different levels of your Being.

Why is this so important, when the human you wants to make decisions that support your Soul's Purpose and Choices? The reason is simply this...

- You Are the Perfect Companion -

As your Higher Self, you are the Perfect Companion to the One Creator. You have been created to share in the love, joy of creating along with God... to help the Creator extend creation as the Perfect Partner. But in order for you, and all of us to be God's Perfect Companions, you must be like God in every way. This is what religious texts mean when they say that “...in the beginning, we were created in the image and likeness of God.”

God called each of us into life as fully conscious, self-determining, creator beings, just as God IS. This means that when we were created:

1)We were granted awareness individual points of consciousness within the Divine Mind.
2)We were called into companionship to be with God and with each other.
3)We were given free-will and co-creator rights.

This is our ultimate purpose. We were born into God's Ultimate Reality of Truth and Love, and told that we are here to use our free-will to help God create and extend this Joyful Reality.

Now here's the part that you're probably asking about now. What does this have to do with you living on Earth, and making decisions that support the Divine Purpose for your life? What does this have to do with supporting your Soul's Choices?

Well, it's all about your free will, and it's place in the Divine Plan for creation.

You see, each time you align your human decisions with LOVE, and not with feeling selfishly separated from God, or from the other human companions that God has created to share this world with you, you become exactly like God – fully conscious, freely self-determining, and a loving companion – completely willing to create, cooperate, and share a world that benefits you, and everyone else, too, without sacrificing your individuality in any way.

I know that this can seem a bit complicated, so I would like to share the perspective given by Edgar Cayce, – the clairvoyant and psychic. Here is a summary of what he had to say in many of his trance-channelings, and that is available from the Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment (the A.R.E).

There came a point in creation where the Creator's Consciousness desired to have companions. In order for them to be more than creations, they had to be like the Creator. They needed to possess individual consciousness and freedom so that they could choose to be companions. So within the One Universal Consciousness many individual points of consciousness were created and given freedom. These points of consciousness within the Mind of God are our Higher Selves; they are the I AM presences of each one of us.

At first, our Higher Selves were quiet, our wills were content to passively participate in the marvels of spiritual creation that flowed from the Mind of God. In the beginning, we were so close to the Creator's Consciousness that we were basically one with It. . However, it wasn't long before some of us began to use our wills and express ourselves. At first, we simply imitated the Creator, but eventually we began to create on our own.

This was exactly why we had been created; to share with, and contribute to the Great Expression of Life that is God, and to be Its companions. To fulfill this purpose we were created in the image of the Creator. Each of us has been given a free-will consciousness, and each of us is capable of communicating directly with the Creator and the other companions.

Unfortunately, this initial arrangement fell into disorder. As we continued to use our godly powers, we became more fascinated with them. We began to focus more and more on our own creations and became less concerned with their harmony with the Creator, and with the Whole. The more we thought of just ourselves and our own desires with less regard for the Whole, the more self-centered we became, eventually perceiving ourselves as separate from the Whole.

The resulting loss of contact with Our God Source and the purpose of our existence was the beginning of spiritual ignorance and chaos. Without a clear sense of our relationship to God, and the rest of life, many of us began to use free will in ways that were never meant to be. This made it very difficult for us to be companions to the Creator.

Even though we are free-will beings, we are still subject to the Universal, Spiritual Laws of Love and Truth. To try to create anything that is contrary to this, is to believe that we can exist outside the realm of ALL THAT IS REAL. It's impossible to accomplish this, and it only leads to forgetting Who We Really Are; forgetting our Divinity.

Now we come to the Soul and Soul Choices...

You see, the Soul, which is the vehicle of expression that is used by the Higher Self, was created to help us learn how to manage our free-will. Our Soul's Purpose is to practice and remember how to use free-will within the Ultimate Reality of God's Love and Truth. It does this through its various human incarnations, including you.

As our Souls incarnate into human lives, we are permitted to make decisions about them that either support love, or do not. In this way, we discover how our thoughts, actions, and words affect our well-being, and the well-being of everyone that we share the planet with. In this way, we eventually recall that True Creation benefits the Whole, and not just the individual. We become more able to fulfill our ultimate purpose for existing, which is to be a companion to the Universal Creator and to each other.

So to summarize this long-winded explanation , let me just say that you are here to help your Soul, which is part of Who You Really Are, to remember the correct use of free-will.

- Why Are You Here? -

You are here to remember that you ARE the Perfect Companion to the Compassionate and Loving God; and that you can step fully back into your role as a co-creator, whenever you decide to live your life this way.

This is God's Will for you. And it's your will, too. Just continue along your path, whatever that might be, and be willing to align your decisions with God's Love, Truth, and Integrity. Your willingness is all that's needed. Nothing more. And please remember that ALL IS WELL, and that you are deeply loved.

Would you like to know more about your Soul's purpose in this lifetime?
Then please consider having a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain

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