"The Truth About You." A Saint-Germain Channeling

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"The Truth About You."
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

I AM Saint-Germain. You have inhabited a world of false beliefs for too long. For too long you have imagined yourself to be unloved and rejected by God. You may believe that these thoughts have no consequence in your life, but you are mistaken.

In a world such as this – a state that exists solely in your mind – the best that you can expect from yourself is failure; the attacks of others are unavoidable; and God prefers your obedience to your love.

You have allowed these lies into the holiness of your mind and given them a shelter that does not correspond to them. In this unhappy home, the images you hold of yourself keep you feeling weak and vulnerable, and believing that sooner or later even the people closest to you will harm you.

In this confused state, you are unable to employ even the simplest tools for right living. General principles that would improve your life, if you would only apply them – such as “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you” – are meaningless to you.

In this nightmarish world, the thought of trusting your neighbor, or communicating with God, is as frightening as the prospect of knowing yourself. This frightens you because you have forgotten Who You Are.

This world is changing now, and so are you along with it.

You Are God, Also

When you are ready to leave behind the world of lies and uncertainty – of not knowing who you are, or what you should be doing – you will rediscover the Truth About You. You will remember that You Are God, also, and that God is your innermost Self.

By engaging the truth of your identity at this fundamental level, you will begin to disentangle yourself from the complications of living in the world. You will find that the challenges you faced were only imaginary. They only reflected the energy you were expending by keeping your masks in place – masks that hid your true identity.

When you stop pretending to be something that you are not, you will free yourself from the illusions of forgetfulness. The constraints imposed by your beliefs, and by the people and situations around you, will lose their power. They will no longer prevent you from expressing your Divinity. You will remember the Truth About You, and never deny it to yourself or the world again.

Proclaiming the Truth About You

When you remember your Divinity, there is nothing more to demonstrate. There is nothing to justify, and there is nothing to defend or argue about. You are no longer willing to hide in the shadows of denial. Instead, you name and proclaim the Truth About You. You assume this stance from within, and maintain it with every breath you take. You stop pretending to be anything different.

You are a Child of God, and God also. This IS the Truth About You.

What Happens When You Proclaim the Truth?

When you acknowledge your Divinity, do things get magically easier? Not exactly. When you first proclaim the Truth About You, greater accord will come into the parts of your life that are already aligned with the Truth. But whatever is not aligned will become heavy and strained, and fall away. It will become apparent that you are deceiving yourself, about your Self. This may cause temporary conflict within you, and in the world around you.

This shouldn’t surprise you. When the Truth enters your life, it does create conflict with anything that is untrue – and it drives it out. So, please don’t be alarmed. Understand that this is a process, and that your willingness to cooperate with it, will make it easier. If you hang on to the untruths about you, then your struggles will only be prolonged. You will spend more time moving through conflict to get to a place of harmony.

Remembering Who You Are

Remember to remind yourself often that You Are God, also. This is the best corrective for any difficulties you may experience. This simple remembrance, as a daily practice, is a powerful tool for moving forward in your life. It will remind you that just as a seed grows with the summer rains, so remembering the Truth About You, will awaken it in you. All that is required is your patience.

Know that this Truth shall be revealed. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. The Truth is inevitable – just as You Are. Take heart in this, and be glad, and let this knowledge bring you peace.

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Joy and Clarity

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