"Master Creators in the Making" - A Saint-Germain & Kuthumi Channeling

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"Master Creators in the Making"
A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

I AM Saint-Germain. When you dare to blend with your Soul in this lifetime, you express the Truth About You. You acknowledge that You Are God, also, and that you are willing to live your life that way. Neither a statement of false pride, nor spiritual superiority – it is the simple, earnest recognition that you are the Source and author of your own life.

It is a declaration of your mastery, and a marvelous leap forward in your awareness.

When you take this step, you recognize that you are an individualized focus of Self consciousness within the greater life of the God Source – uniquely you, but God, also.

Resolving this paradox in your mind is a sign of mastery. You now understand that all of God’s power is vested within you. And because of this, you know that you can create realities, love them, and experience them fully – just as God does.

This IS mastery.

Acknowledging Your Mastery

But what happens when you recognize your mastery for the first time – when you finally see that everything you’ve ever experienced is your own creation? The joys and sorrows are yours alone. The highs and lows, you have brought upon yourself. No one else can be blamed.

Do you hurriedly rush to make things better? Do you retrace every line you’ve ever penciled or change every brushstroke you’ve ever laid down on the canvas of your life?

No. You don’t. These works are finished.

As a master, you accept them for what they are – expressions of the knowledge and expertise you had at the time they were created. You love them, and you move on.

You take up a fresh canvas, and you draw or paint again, but this time with a newfound awareness of the creator that you are.

Conscious Creation

For many people, accepting themselves as a master creator is unsettling.

After all, it is one thing to create unconsciously – generating one portrait of yourself after another without acknowledging that you are the artist. This way, it is easy to pretend that the flaws you see in these images are the result of someone else’s handiwork, and then blame them for it. But this is delusional thinking.

It is quite another thing to create consciously.

When you are a conscious creator, you know that you are the artist. You know that you pick the medium and choose the tools for expressing your Self. And you are aware that you alone determine whether your creations, and your creating, will inspire you or not.

Yes. Accepting that you are the master creator of your own reality can be quite unsettling, even when you willingly step into this awareness on your own.

Fear of Creating

Ironically, when you first step into awareness of your mastery, you are often afraid to create again.

The responsibility just seems too much to handle. You may still remember what it was like to create unconsciously, and to not have enjoyed what you created. This is what is inhibiting you now.

If you are an artist, you might begin to feel uncomfortable with your tools. Your brushes might seem less familiar, and the colors you used in the past might be distasteful to you now. The empty canvas, rather than inviting your expression, turns you away. It is blank and void – a place where nothing can be known and nothing discovered. And the more you dwell upon your dilemma, the more blocked you feel.

Does this sound familiar? Do you know this feeling?

What will you do? Perhaps you are not the master you imagined yourself to be.

If you continue down this path, then before you know it, you will convince yourself that you are unable to create.

“I’ve neither the tools, the medium, nor the talent for the task. So why bother? Perhaps the right thing to do is walk away. No one will notice, anyway.”

And so, you do.

This type of resignation is sad, and wholly unnecessary.

There is another way. And we are going to tell you the story of someone who found it.


You may be familiar with Michelangelo. He was well known in his time, and even more so now, for his exquisite sculpting of the human figure in marble. He was a master of his art and craft at a very early age, and he knew it.

In the early 1500s, Michelangelo was asked by the Pope to paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in Rome, a project that took him four years to complete. Not much older than 30 years, he was worried and apprehensive. He told the Pope from the beginning that he would prefer not to accept the commission.

Michelangelo knew he was a master sculptor, but he did not really consider himself a painter. Of course, he had trained as a painter in his youth, and still sketched almost daily, but his confidence with brush and pigment was not the same as it was with hammer and chisel.

Michelangelo was also concerned about the motives behind the request. He suspected that his rivals had encouraged the Pope’s invitation in order to see him fail. After all, the scale of the task was tremendous – and it was to be carried out using tools and a medium (color upon wet plaster) that were not his favorites.

Despite his misgivings and self doubt, Michelangelo accepted the commission. What resulted is one of the finest works in the history of Western art.

Of course, there were many obstacles to overcome along the way: Designing a scaffold from which to stand while painting high above the floor; developing a plaster that resists molds and fungus; establishing a color scheme that can be seen far below the ceiling; and most importantly, creating brushes and brushstrokes that convey the drama and pageantry of his Biblical themes.

This he did with consummate mastery.

You Are a Master of Self Awareness

Like Michelangelo, you have attained a high level of mastery. You are a master of Self awareness. Self awareness is knowing that You Are God, also. Self mastery means that you live your life that way.

Self mastery also means that you understand the nature of creation and recognize your partnership with God in this. You know that creations arise from the beliefs you hold in your conscious (or unconscious) mind; and that the God Source, the Greater You, re-assembles Itself around those desires to bring you what you have asked to experience.

You are free to experience the reality of your creations in any way you choose. But when you have mastered Self awareness, the thoughts in your mind are guided by the Love in your heart, so that you have a consistent experience of Divinity in all that you create.

The Master Before the Canvas

Like Michelangelo, there are times when you may feel challenged by the creative potential you possess – by the scope and magnitude of what you are capable as a conscious creator. Perhaps now, with your newfound awareness of mastery, you feel thrust into unfamiliar territory. Into realms of unknown or untried potential.

You find yourself standing before something vaster and grander than you have encountered before. But this is a natural occurrence. Major advances in awareness are often accompanied by new and unusual opportunities, so don’t be afraid.

Yes, you may feel like an artist without his or her familiar tools. But know that you have the possibility to create something completely different now – something that combines your knowledge, skills, and mastery in a new medium of creation.

What confuses you is the feeling of something unusual.

Until now, you have created your life with familiar tools – with recurring thought patterns and habits of misidentification. Your efforts have generated masterful results. Perhaps not ones you are happy with now, but masterful ones, nonetheless.

But all this is changing. Now that you remember Who You Really Are, please don’t be so hard on yourself. Allow yourself time to readjust to this shift in your awareness, until you can find a place from which to create again with confidence.

Being Still, Going Within

So, what do you do with this opportunity to create again in an entirely new way?

Ask yourselves, what did Michelangelo do when he was handed a brush, instead of a chisel, and told to paint instead of fashion in stone?

Was he desperate? Did he panic?

Did he think, “Nothing is familiar, so there is nothing I can do. I must no longer be a master.”

Of course not.

Instead, he took inventory of his mastery. He realized that his ability resided in his knowledge, not in his tools, and that his creativity could be expressed in many ways – using multiple skills, not just one.

His mastery did not disappear with the absence of the marble he loved to carve. He could still envision form and symmetry as before. His grasp of perspective had not changed. And his appreciation of color and shading was intact. Nothing had changed.

He was a master creator.

He was able to adapt his knowledge to the change in his circumstances, embrace the more expansive medium that was offered him, and create again with renewed inspiration.

He was a master creator. And so are you.

Inspiration in the New World

When you have accepted your mastery, and realize that your creative ability transcends anything you may have experienced before, then you will no longer fear creating again.

Instead, you will hold a vision of your Divinity and make it your own, breathing deeply into it and calling it to life. You will fill your brush with color, trace a line, and begin a course a movement across the canvas that is uniquely yours.

You will stop comparing yourself with anything you have been before, or once desired to be. You will cross the threshold of Inner Knowing and observe that you are giving birth to new expressions of Who You Really Are.

You will feel relieved at the mental level because you know that you are guided by your intuition, and not your expectations. And you will feel relieved at the emotional level because you are free of self-judgment and criticism.

You will realize that you have entered a New World – a world of flow and ease, where freedom of expression is yours by birthright.

And when your creation stands before you, whole and complete, you will marvel at what you have done. You will look at the New You with the eyes of innocence – with the eyes of Love – almost not recognizing that it was you who gave it life and inspiration.

You may even ask, “Was it me who created this wonder?”

And the answer you will give yourself is, “Yes.”

For indeed, you are a master creator.

I AM Saint-Germain. And I thank Kuthumi for his presence this day.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you ,this channeling has helped me to accept everything I have created and experienced until now!

Alexandra and Dan said...

Dear Cecile,

This is wonderful to hear. Thank you for stopping by, and for sharing with us. We appreciate it.
Lots of love,
Alexandra and Dan

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