“June Solstice 2011: From Conflict to Harmony in a Changing World.” A Saint-Germain Channeling

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“June Solstice 2011: From Conflict to Harmony in a Changing World.”
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan
June 19, 2011

This channeling is about important shifts taking place on the planet. To explore the changes coming in your life, we offer Your Forecast readings with Saint-Germain.

Dear friends, I AM Saint-Germain. The cosmic wheel has turned once again, and you find yourselves collectively at a place of renewed choice. The June Solstice 2011 is upon you, and with it come important opportunities for you to advance the spiritual ideals that you hold dear. These ideals are things of principle and value: Things such as freedom of expression, the possibility of a life without hardship, and the ability to actualize your potential on Earth as the magnificent spiritual beings that you are.

What Is the June Solstice About?

The current solstice is about your continued awakening into greater collective consciousness, and your growing responsibility and accountability toward each other. It’s about an inner revolution and transformation that is being energized in outer world events.

You might remember that there is a definite trajectory to the unfolding events on your planet at this time. Nothing happens without a purpose, and each one of you are contributing to this according to the thoughts, beliefs, and intentions that you hold.

Your recent trajectory has included an important opportunity in 2010 to reset the potentials for a change in consciousness. At this time, you collectively stood at the crossroads of an energetic choice. You could invite increased security into your lives as a global society or fall into greater chaos, instead. The choice was made. And as a consequence, a tremendous amount of psycho-kinetic energy has been released.

The eruption of violence, rebellion, and cries for freedom in oppressed portions of the world is part of this; and as you have rightly surmised, this has been paralleled by disruptive earth events, too. Yes, your collective energy does influence weather patterns and seismic events. A peaceful mind and a peaceful world go hand-in-hand. And because you are experiencing the contrary, it has caused you to doubt your sanity and to question the importance and necessity of the changes that are upon you. You have even asked whether you’re being pushed toward apocalypse or epiphany by forces that are beyond your control.

There has been much destruction associated with this, of course. But it’s important to remember that behind this purging and crumbling of the old and outdated, there are higher principles and spiritual laws at work.

These spiritual influences are motivating each and every person toward greater expressions of responsibility and loving kindness toward their fellow human beings – but as you might expect, each person is responding according to his or her level of awareness. For some, this expression has been compassionate and understanding, while for others, it has been filled with anger, frustration, and even violence.

Rather than be dismayed by this fact, do your best to remain neutral and impartial before it, and realize that in the cosmic scheme of things, none of these reactions is inherently wrong. They are simply part of the evolution of your collective human consciousness, as it moves back toward the God Source along a path that is divinely inspired and guided.

Remember this, dear friends – that you cannot take up your collective journey along this path, any farther down the road than where you stand right now as a global society. So be willing to work with what you have, cooperate with each other, and open yourselves to the revelation of Higher Truths as you seek to resolve your conflicts.

Your great advocate for peace and champion of human rights and responsibilities, Mahatma Gandhi, has pointed the way for you. He once said that, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." No truer words could be spoken at this time.

Current Energetic Conditions

Astrological alignments associated with June’s lunar eclipse and solstice have many potentials associated with them. Some seem fraught with despair, but there is a “silver-lining to the dark clouds”, as the saying goes, and it’s important to hold to this higher potential.

On the mundane or worldly level, it seems that the great potency of June’s lunar eclipse (from the Moon in Sagittarius to the Sun and Mercury in Gemini) shows the need for high-minded, principled communication in order to resolve the conflict and violence you are witnessing. Much of this has to do with outmoded, fundamentalist systems of law and governance that are grounded in religious dogma and economic privilege. Conflicts between the Muslim, Hebrew, and Christian worlds are part of this, as well as the strife within the Muslim states.

The solstice planetary array has the potential to add more fuel to this fire. Tension between the protagonists for revolution and transformation, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, are at odds with the voices of compassion and justice, Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Libra. The energy of this cardinal Grand Cross, if released, will be especially volatile and may require decisive action to resolve it. But action of what sort?

This is where another layer of energetic potentials must be considered. Looking at the the solstice from a higher perspective, a different picture emerges. One of reconciliation, rather than conflict. The collective, Soul-level intentions revealed by Draconic astrology may shed some light on this.

During the June solstice, the Draconic Sun and Mercury in Libra, as well as the Draconic Saturn in Capricorn, are encouraging diplomatic solutions that can stabilize governments and reconcile groups that are in conflict, provided that initiatives to do this are taken. Draconic Pluto in Aries is also emphasizing the importance of empowering individuals with greater rights to self-determination than some governments currently allow; and Draconic Uranus in Cancer is addressing the need for nations to elevate Universal Truths above narrow patriotic, economic, or factional interests.

The energetic choice made by humanity at the June solstice can set either one of these potentials into greater motion, so it’s important for you to hold a higher vision of what the world can become, and then be willing to move this situation from conflict to harmony.

From Conflict to Harmony in a Changing World.

It is indeed a very challenging time regarding the crises and conflicts around you, and it demands greater consciousness to resolve this. It demands that you gain greater awareness regarding your capacity to build better worlds – and that the world do a better job creating opportunities for its peoples to experience joy, love, and greater well-being.

Conflict and drama have dominated the landscape of your lives at the individual, as well as the collective level. Many societies are experiencing chaotic, but profound transformation now that is motivated by higher principles and the persistent influence of spiritual law. This will eventually allow all the people of the world to recall and reinstate a truth that belongs to everyone in this world: The truth that you are all divine spiritual beings who are born to be sovereign and free.

Each one of you should enjoy the rights, and assume the responsibilities for this freedom. Yet, how many of you can say that you’ve experienced this at least once in your hearts or in your lives? And, how many more of you have gone through tough times and despair instead, not knowing what it means to be free in your own land, in your own country, or even in your own lives?

The current times have the potential to completely reshape your individual and collective minds about this, allowing more freedom and fairness into the world. Now is the time for the world to reset its priorities. To declare a new era of peace and harmony. To work for solutions that benefit not only the favored few, but lift up the whole of humanity, as well.

The stress, discontent and aggression that are manifesting now have reached a high-point. People are demanding greater transparency and accountability, when it comes to the decisions made by the few in the name of the needs of the many. And when those needs are not met responsibly, then it’s entirely appropriate that the social contract between those who are governed and those who govern should come to an end.

Do not fear these times, for they are necessary. Yet, be present and do your best to raise the collective awareness without collapsing into judgmental thinking. Watch your motivations and your drive. Take action when you feel you must, but do this in remembrance of the Higher Principles that guide you. See if you can bring this awareness into each situation that you deal with. Restore harmony as you are able, and remember the words of the master Gandhi, who initiated great revolutions in human consciousness in his time: "An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind."

Thank you dear friends for being here. Thank you.

I AM Saint-Germain.

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Constance Eijkman said...

Thank you for this encouraging channel!
I saw the full moon in eclipse, with a transparent red shine illuminating it from below and the sun from the left side, creating a golden sliver of Light.It was magnificent and moving and I was in awe for two days...
The world has made its choice of living together as true human beings!The outcome is sure!

Alexandra and Dan said...

Thank you dear Constance for sharing with us your beautiful experience.

Yes, it is a most magnificent experience to feel and watch all of what's happening around us. We just need to open our eyes to be able to see truly.

How nice to hear from you, again.

With lots of love from us,
Alex and Dan

Bastien said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bastien said...

Hi Alex and Dan !

Thank you and thank Saint Germain and the hierarchie for this important release.
I felt nearly every shade of these currents and really i would have thought i was getting lost when in fact all is more than right.

Thank you for being here too.


Joy and Clarity said...

Hello Bastien,

It's good to hear from you! We're glad that you resonated with this message, and we send you all our love and encouragement.

All the best from us,
Dan & Alex

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