June Solstice: "Got Bumpy Lately?" - Saint-Germain Channeling

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June Solstice: Got Bumpy Lately?
Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

A wave of sadness and hopelessness has had you in its grip for a while now. You struggle to understand what you feel, and the more you try, the more it seems that you are not reaching any place of resolution.

You ask yourself, "So what happened to all the promises of a great change, and finally feeling that I have arrived?" And it is not helping you to listen to the answer, because the answer doesn't seem to come to you.

As this feeling of gloom only seems to increase, you find that you have nowhere to turn. You've done so much work on yourself and you've prepared for such a long time, yet the results are nowhere to be seen.

"It's too much and I can't take it anymore," you may be thinking to yourself.

Some of you have observed that the people around you literally can't take it anymore and are leaving. They are either departing their physical bodies – leaving behind their friends and families, or else they are wandering the realms of confusion to various degrees, unclear about the relationships to the people and things that once anchored their lives.

So, you reach deeper within and find whatever inner resources you have left to continue this journey. You begin to wonder if your circumstances will ever change, so that peace and freedom from struggle might be yours.

But is this current situation really about freeing yourself from struggle? Or is something else going on?

Ask yourself if inner peace is such a distant possibility, after all. Perhaps something else is going on. Ask yourself if this might be so.

My good friend, what is it that keeps you from accepting life as it is? Could your difficulties have anything to do with allowing things to be, rather than struggling against them?

Perhaps you're unwilling to accept things as they are, simply because you believe you must “perfect your process” before you can rest.

Or perhaps at a deeper level, you believe that you must attain a level of “perfection” as a person, before you will consider yourself worthy of peace, love, and freedom from care and worry?

If any of this sounds familiar, then let me tell you that you might as well cast your doubts aside and continue on your journey.

Why is this so?

Because resolving feelings of self-doubt and worth are squarely on the path of mastery for any being who has been gifted with self-awareness.

Let me tell you now that it is no coincidence that so many of you are in the same place right now. It is a real bump that you feel in the road, and you are not imagining it, nor are you sacrificing yourself for the good of others.

There really is a large bump in the road that needs to be cleared away – not just at the individual level of consciousness, but also at the collective level for all of humanity. Only if many of you gather together to make the change, will it happen. This has nothing to do with sacrifice, but it has everything to do with understanding your responsibility to be a part of this shift in consciousness, as it is happening now, and as you are asked to participate.

Clearing away this “bump in the road of consciousness” has the potential of changing everything in your life, as well as changing the lives of everyone on this planet as well.

That being said, you still have to make sure that you are really prepared for this undertaking – that when you put your energy into confronting your self-doubts and changing your awareness about your life's circumstances, you are not physically or emotionally depleted by the task.

It's important to understand that you are going through a complete re-wiring of your personal energy as you make this shift. For this reason, your body is requiring more attention from you, so that it can help you sustain this process. Your mind also needs more quiet time and a greater focus and your emotional body needs steady and clear interactions with others, so that you can stay in a place of balance.

So, if you find that you are pulled in many different directions or called to do too many things at once, ask yourself if you might not need to set better limits on your involvement, or even delay or refuse certain assignments that are placed upon you by yourself or others. Any time you push yourself beyond your limits, it's going to be much harder to re-balance your energy. Be aware of anything that takes away your energy or imbalances you, and then make appropriate decisions accordingly.

You have not chosen to be part of this time just to make life harder on yourself. This is something you have chosen at the individual and collective levels in order to make a shift in consciousness happen as rapidly as possible. You were offered the possibility to be part of this change, and you have accepted your role. Now, you have to really take care of yourself in order to bring this task to conclusion.

That's why it's important right now for you to review what you've accomplished already, and then re-do whatever seems necessary.

Re-organize yourself as needed, and then just be prepared.

The challenges that you face right now, although they seem to be largely personal, are actually serving a Higher purpose on the collective level. They are helping to shift the consciousness of humanity.

Remember. You are not a victim, and you are not a hero. But you are doing your part. As long as you understand this and don't panic, then you will likely come out of this process a little weary and a lot wiser; but you will have done your part.

We are grateful that you are open and willing to be part of this change. And of course, we are happy to support you at this time, dear friends.

It is my honor to serve you; to be one of your many messengers at this time; and to let you know that you are doing a wonderful job.

Indeed, thank you for all that you are, and all that you do. I AM Saint-Germain.

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Jane said...

Loved reading this just now~ makes so much sense as to what's going on! Thanks you wonderful messengers xxx Jane

Dan and Alex said...

Thanks Jane!
Glad you loved it. It sure is a crazy time that we're going through.
Love, Alex and Dan

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